Various ‎– Music In The World Of Islam

Tangent Records (2) ‎– TBX 601
6 × Vinyl, LP
Box Set, Compilation


A1 Unknown Artist Untitled (Recitation Of Verses Of The Qu'ran)
A2 Unknown Artist Dhikr (Remembrance) Leader – Abdel Hamid Abdel Aziz, Ismail Ali Hasan
A3 Habibola Halika Houri
A4 Unknown Artist Untitled (Bedouin Wedding Songs)
A5 Jabr Bin Husein* Ghazal
A6 Amir Mohammed Gurdum Gurdum Tambura – Baba Hakim
A7 Rasha'ida Untitled
A8 Unknown Artist Haddadi Leader – Salim Alan
B1 Wasimxzama Khan Naseri Kavali
B2 Dunya Yunis Abu Zeluf
B3 Unknown Artist Untitled (Leader/Chorus Song)
B4 Mehein Fin Baqid Dahai Fin Baqid, Hateim Atiya Khalil Sayed, Dahai Fin Baqid Radha / Ga's
B5 Aqi Pishak Untitled (Love Song)
B6 Unknown Artist Tahlil
C1 Salman Shukur Taqsim In Maqam Iraq
C2 Sultan Hamid Taqsim In Maqam Hejaz/Saut/Nazla In Maqam Rost
C3 Aboubekr Zerga Hausi In Makam Iraq
C4 Hussein Ali Zodeh* Tar Solo
D1 Baba Hakim Tambur
D2 Unknown Artist Untitled
D3 Erol Sayin Taksim In Makam Nishaburek
D4 Jalal Zur Fonun* Solo In Dastgah Af-shari
D5 Khan Mohammad - Aqi Pishak - Mohammad Omar (2) Wedding Song (In Uzbek)
E1 Jalal Khan, Mishri Khan, Abdul Rahim Saroz Solo/Sher
E2 Bashir Hasjim Al-Rajab* Qanun Solo In Maqam Kurd
E3 Juma Tad Semahin, Abdou Badje Rabab/Gogue Solo
E4 Abdullah Mohammad Rababa Solo
E5 Pyara Khan Kamaycha
E6 Aydemir Cerdet Kemence Karadenis
F1 Unknown Artist Rabab
F2 Parvis Meshkotian Santur Solo
F3 Asmari Baharu Qenye Masengo
F4 Hadji Ouled Tambura
F5 Hasan Ali Al-Naqib* Joza Solo
F6 Aladin (3), Nur Mohammad, Shumar Khan Makino
G1 Kammo Khan Lahara
G2 Unknown Artist Wedding Procession
G3 Niyazi Sayin* Untitled
G4 Unknown Artist Untitled
G5 Unknown Artist Untitled
G6 Nubarak Ali, Rehmat Khan, Jalit Hussain Langaga Patanchanada
H1 Unknown Artist Untitled
H2 Unknown Artist Untitled
H3 Samad Khan, Baluch Khan Dehi Sher
H4 Unknown Artist Hadra
H5 Hassan Naheed* Untitled
H6 Unknown Artist Podina
I1 Pempa, Sakar Khan, Ismail Karaleniz Panihari
I2 Ismail Karaleniz Mey
I3 Rajab Bin Khamis Jirbe
I4 Unknown Artist Music For Formal Classic Dance
I5 Qashqai Karna
I6 Taghan Dil-Tyuduk
I7 Unknown Artist Wedding Procession
I8 Emilio Ruffo, Dominico Ruffo Saltarello
J1 Mustafa Pelibas Tulum
J2 Karo Batak* Music To Call Spirits
J3a and J3b Mahmood Ali Ibrahim*, Hassan Farhat* Sheperd's Song From Syria
J4 Unknown Artist Poonzuk
J5 Pempa, Sakar Khan, Ismail Karaleniz Ghoomar
J6 Unknown Artist Dance Music Played On The Zamr
K1 Unknown Artist Untitled
K2 Orchestra Of The Sultan Of Dosso Untitled (Marks Beginning Of Friday, The Day Of Rest)
K3 Unknown Artist Untitled (Dance Music)
K4 Awal Organisation Untitled ('Id Festival Song)
K5a Misri Khan Chang Solo
K5b Misri Khan With Baluchi Musicians Untitled
K6 Unknown Artist Dar Ajmar Fil Hala (Adhari; Pearl Divers Night Song)
L1 Unknown Artist Untitled
L2 Unknown Artist Untitled
L3 Unknown Artist Dindoun
L4 Mohammad Ismaili, Faromarz Payvar* Untitled
L5 Unknown Artist Ayala (War Dance)
L6 Unknown Artist Untitled
L7 Unknown Artist Untitled (Circumcision Announcement)
L8 Unknown Artist Untitled



Comes with a book, "Music and musical instruments in the world of Islam" written by Jean Jenkins and Poul Rovsing Olsen.

Box consists of the records that are also separately released:

Track A1 sung by members of a religious brotherhood from Al-Ateuf, Saharan region near Ghardaia, Algeria. This track is used by Brian Eno and David Byrne for their track called "Qu'ran" from the album "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts" (1981)
Track A2 is a Sufi ceremony performed by members of the Guneydiyah Sect from Fayoum Oasis, Egypt.
Track A3 is recorded in Sanandaj, Kurdistan, Iran.
Track A4 sung antiphonally by two groups of women in an encampment in the south of Wadi Musa, Jordan.
Track A5 is recorded in Tarif, Abu Dahbi, United Arab Emirates.
Track A6 is recorded in Daulatabad, north of Balkh, Afghanistan.
Track A7; Rasha'ida is a nomadic Arabic tribe near Nagfa, northern Red Sea area of Eritrea, Ethiopia.
Track A8 sung by a group of about 20 pearl divers from Muharraq, Bahrain.
Track B1 is recorded in Hyderabad, Deccan, India.
Track B2 is recorded in Beirut, Lebanon. This track is used by Brian Eno and David Byrne for their tracks called "Regiment" and "The Carrier" from the album "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts" (1981) The artist name was misspelt, it should be written Dunya Yasin.
Track B3 sung by a group of Gadabursi Somali from Jijiga, Harar Province, Ethiopia.
Track B4 ; "Radha" is recorded in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. "Ga's" is recorded in the Fayoum region, Egypt.
Track B5 is recorded in Aqcha, Afghanistan.
Track B6 sung by a Sufi group of about 25 men in the Khalif's mosque in Baghdad, Iraq.

Track K1 Drum solo on the Zerbaghali (meaning "under the arm") recorded in Kabul, Afghanistan 1974.
Track K2 recorded in Dosso, Niger 1966.
Track K3 recorded in Jaipur, India 1975.
Track K4 recorded in Muharraq, Bahrain 1972.
Track K5 recorded in Quetta, Pakistan 1975.
Track K6 recorded in Muharraq, Bahrain 1972.

Track L1 recorded in Lahore, Pakistan 1972.
Track L2 recorded in Sanadaj, Kurdistan, Iran 1975.
Track L3 recorded in Ghardaia, Algaria 1970.
Track L4 recorded in Teheran, Iran 1975.
Track L5 recorded in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi 1963.
Track L6 recorded in Encampment near Ma'a,Joran 1975.
Track L7 recorded in Rouissat near Ourgla, Algeria 1970.
Track L8 recorded in Ouzad, Middle Atlas, Morocco 1975.