National Lampoon ‎– That's Not Funny, That's Sick!



The Squalor Show 0:15
Confession 1:02
Dick Ballentine Phone-In Show #1 2:01
Disco Hotline 0:24
Dick Ballentine Phone-In Show #2 0:53
Love Birds / Flashanova 1:37
Listener-Sponsored Radio #1 1:06
For $25.000 0:48
Gymnasty 1:07
Dick Ballentine Phone-In Show #3 1:16
Yiddishco 0:26
Listener-Sponsored Radio #2 1:06
Pulp 1:10
For $15.000 0:21
Rapeline 0:21
Mr. Roberts #1 3:28
Stereos And Such 0:42
Listener-Sponsored Radio #3 0:26
Height Report Disco 3:42
Mr. Roberts #2 2:43
Dial-A-Curse 1:45
Humpback Whales 1:23
Listener-Sponsored Radio #4 0:30
2.015-Year-Old Man 0:56
Fasten Your Seatbelts 3:30
Listener-Sponsored Radio #5 0:16
Monolithic Oil 1:42



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August 23, 2008
referencing That's Not Funny, That's Sick!, LP, Album, IMP-2001
As most folks will be able to deduce from the cover art and LP title, 1977's "That's Not Funny, That's Sick" isn't going to win over anyone with a sensitive disposition. Not that National Lampoon was ever known for being particularly sensitive, but on this one they threw away what little internal censorship they might have employed (in fact when reissued in CD format in 2004 the package carried a parental warning label). Ignoring their earlier penchant for politically oriented comedy, this time out the focus was on more mundane topics ranging from free form college radio, confession, and big oil greed with a special focus on potty mouth deliveries. With Bill Murray and brother Brian Dole-Murray running amok through the proceedings, most of the LP was actually pretty funny in a pimply sophomore guy kind of way. Of the 27 sketches (most about a moment in length), highlights included 'Gymnasty' (with a nod to Nadia Commaneci and out of the blue ending), Christopher Guest's skewering of Mr. Rogers interviewing a rock musician ('Mr. Roberts # 1') and Mr. Rogers and the concerned next door neighbor ('Mr. Roberts # 2'), a hysterical X-rated disco song ('Height Report Disco'), and their hijacking segment.