Various ‎– New Zealand Poets Read Their Works

Waiata Recordings ‎– NZPRW R 1
2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation


A1 Alister Campbell Against Te Rauparaha 3:45
A2 Alan Brunton The Man On Crazies Hill 3:30
A3a M.K. Joseph Cinderella
A3b M.K. Joseph Drunken Gunners
A3c M.K. Joseph Chronosemasiology 2:40
A4A Vincent O'Sullivan Butcher In Sunlight
A4b Vincent O'Sullivan I Have Taken A Thrugh
A4c Vincent O'Sullivan Medusa 3:47
A5a Arthur Baysting A Tale Of Gene
A5b Arthur Baysting Hawks
A5c Arthur Baysting Black Swans 2:20
A6a Albert Wendt Town & Village
A6b Albert Wendt Conch Shell 2:02
A7 D.S. Long The Winter Fisherman 1:28
A8 G.J. Melling Pre-Election Address 0:56
A9 Alan Roddick The Riddle 1:00
A10 Jack Lasenby My Father's Tree 0:45
A11a Mike Doyle Ones Once One
A11b Mike Doyle The Journey Of Meng Chiao 2:41
B1a Allen Curnow Lone Kauri Road
B1b Allen Curnow Two Pedestrians With One Thought 5:58
B2a Denis Glover Sunday Morning
B2b Denis Glover Death Of A Dictator
B2c Denis Glover The Scientist 3:06
B3a Kendrick Smithyman Proposition
B3b Kendrick Smithyman Inlet 2:05
B4a Sam Hunt A Purple Balloon
B4b Sam Hunt Time To Rise
B4c Sam Hunt Notes From A Journey 4:37
B5 Ian Wedde Sleeping Indian 3:11
B6a Ken Arvidson The Tall Wind
B6b Ken Arvidson This Giving 1:33
B7a Bill Manhire The Old Man's Example
B7b Bill Manhire The Spell
B7c Bill Manhire The Prayer 2:02
B8 Raymond Ward Watching Snow 1:48
B9 Bob Orr On Out (Forttart Crane) 1:08
B10 Alan Loney In Memoriam 1:29
C1a C.K. Stead Whether The Will Is Free
C1b C.K. Stead Ode: At The Grave Of Martin McDermott 4:15
C2a R.A.K. Mason The Spark's Farewell To It's Clay
C2b R.A.K. Mason Out From Sea Bondage
C2c R.A.K. Mason Be Swift O Sun 3:40
C3a Charles Brasch From Ben Rudd
C3b Charles Brasch From In Your Presence 2:00
C4a Gloria Rawlinson Thames Coast Fossiker
C4b Gloria Rawlinson The & Again 3:12
C5a Fleur Adcock Incident
C5b Fleur Adcock A Game
C5c Fleur Adcock Stewart Island 2:53
C6a Keith Sinclair The Tree & The Bird
C6b Keith Sinclair The Night Full Of Nothing 1:41
C7a Barry Southam Nostalgic Lover Looking Backward
C7b Barry Southam For No Reason 1:30
C8 Russell Haley Gigolo In Mourning 1:56
C9a Peter Hooper The Saviours
C9b Peter Hooper Observations From Fixed Point 1:24
C10a Kevin Ireland (2) Deposition
C10b Kevin Ireland (2) Thorn And Wind
C10c Kevin Ireland (2) Threnody (For Bob Lowry) 1:34
C11 Barry Mitcalfe Prelude To The Sun 1:48
D1a Janet Frame Olung Flowering Like A Tree
D1b Janet Frame The Flowering Cherry 3:00
D2 James K. Baxter Poem In The Matukituki Valley 3:42
D3a David Mitchell (13) Penelope Bright & Bare
D3b David Mitchell (13) My Lai/ Remuera/ Ponsonby
D3c David Mitchell (13) Celebrants
D3d David Mitchell (13) White Room
D3e David Mitchell (13) Silences 6:53
D4a A.R.D. Fairburn Full Fathom Flue
D4b A.R.D. Fairburn A Farewell
D4c A.R.D. Fairburn The Cave 3:56
D5a Jan Kemp Song Of City Wastrel Wearing Purple Hat
D5b Jan Kemp A Pattern Of Living
D5c Jan Kemp Words Were Whispers 2:43
D6 Michael Jackson (11) Paremata 1:17
D7 Alistair Paterson Supermarket 2:08