Various ‎– No More Sexism

2 × Cassette, Compilation


Female Tape - Lesbian Side
A1 Forehead Yeah (Or 12 Ways To Be Killed By The One You Love)
A2 Budellam Mercenaris
A3 Oi Polloi 25 Hours
A4 Momido 4t Seraphina
A5 Disumana Res Warsex On Tv
A6 Thumber Thor Butterfly
A7 Fleischlego Michael Jagger Harsh
A8 Alphane Moon Circle Of Four
A9 Valpurgis Volta Break Away
A10 Lonely / (No Title Received)
Female Tape - No Macho Side
B1 Parkaj Mental 2 Songs / No Titles Received
B2 No Fraud Radio Sucks
B3 Cosmonauts Hail Satan This Is Not A Rorsharch Test
B4 Religious Overdose One Way
B5 Ixa-Wud Mandrugara
B6 Bad Influence (3) Trapped In Reality
B7 Pol Silentblock Overdose
Male Tape - Gay Side
C1 The Sudanese Witch Hunt Times Change
C2 Oltraggio E Resistenza Con I Loro Stessi Mezzi
C3 Skdron Ganjah
C4 Citizen Fish Mediamen
C5 L.A. Choix Lost Time Fag
C6 SS 20 (5) Coke Et Cola
C7 Lizgizzad* Hip To The Gentile
C8 Feel The Fire A Cowsa Serve
C9 Okaniva Fumhiro Moditer
C10 Flagrants D'Eli Le Ligne Imaginaire
Male Tape - Heterosex Side
D1 Internal Autonomy Scream
D2 Nacht Und Nebel Une Fois Encore
D3 Brandelli D'Odio Aiuto ... Mi Soffocano
D4 The Sheperds Sub
D5 Bored Away Libera Electcion
D6 The Mike Post Mortem Acknowledge Lost Master
D7 Condominium The Brazil Complex
D8 Blind Justice (3) I Need Something
D9 Doves Under Chairwalk Religion Befreit
D10 Inkisikao Alternativa
D11 Ontendreven De Betoging


Double International Compilation Tape & Zine.
Zine: 52 pages booklet (black/white DIY copies) with loads of international articles, writings and collages about the theme and 2xC60 compilation tapes in a plastic wrapping.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Other (Gay Side): Male Tape
  • Other (Heterosex Side): Male Tape
  • Other (Lesbian Side): Female Tape
  • Other (No Macho Side): Female Tape