Various ‎– No Nothing - No Music Festival 2000

Non Musica Rex ‎– NMRX 0001
6 × CD, Limited Edition, Compilation
Box Set

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1.1 The Black Auks* "Untitled"
Featuring – Craig Squires, Don Wherry, Harold Klunder, Neil Rosenberg, Wallace Hammond
1.2 Undo (2) "Untitled"
Featuring – Alexandre St-Onge, Christof Migone
1.3 Gary Hill / Paulina Wallenberg-Olsson / John Boyle "Untitled"
2.1 Lee Ranaldo / Paul Dutton Cross Referents
2.2 Voice Crack "Untitled"
Featuring – Andy Guhl, Norbert Möslang
3.1 Aube Suppression Disorder Version 2000-1.0
Featuring – Akifumi Nakajima
3.2 Mne-mic "Untitled"
Featuring – Mayuko Hino, Ranko Onishi
Nihilist Spasm Band
4.1 Nihilist Spasm Band* Introductions
Featuring – Art Pratten, Bill Exley, John Boyle, John Clement, Murray Favro
4.2 Nihilist Spasm Band* Sober Second Thoughts
4.3 Nihilist Spasm Band* Meat Eater
4.4 Nihilist Spasm Band* With Lee Ranaldo Don't Count
4.5 Nihilist Spasm Band* With Ruth Douthwright No Bell Rings For Alexander
4.6 Nihilist Spasm Band* With Aya Ohnishi Ask My Opinion
4.7 Nihilist Spasm Band* With Paulina Wallenberg-Olsson No Canada/No United States/No Sweden
Friday Interplay
5.1 The Black Auks, Art, Eric Stach
Featuring – Art Pratten, Craig Squires, Don Wherry, Eric Stache, Harold Klunder, Neil Rosenberg, Wallace Hammond
5.2 Nakajima, Boyle, Galen Curnoe
Featuring – Akifumi Nakajima, Galen Curnoe, John Boyle
5.3 Lee, Clement, Tim Glasgow
Featuring – John Clement, Lee Ranaldo, Tim Glasgow
5.4 Alexandre, Art
Featuring – Alexandre St-Onge, Art Pratten
5.5 Bill, Boyle, Christof, Ranko
Featuring – Bill Exley, Christof Migone, John Boyle, Ranko Onishi
5.6 Lee, Boyle
Featuring – John Boyle, Lee Ranaldo
5.7 Lee, Harold, Aya, Nakajima
Featuring – Akifumi Nakajima, Aya Ohnishi, Harold Klunder, Lee Ranaldo
5.8 Art, Andy, Neil
Featuring – Andy Guhl, Art Pratten, Neil Rosenberg
5.9 Craig, Norbert, Mayuko, Nakajima, Clement
Featuring – Akifumi Nakajima, Craig Squires, John Clement, Mayuko Hino, Norbert Möslang
5.10 Paul, Lee, Christof, Alex, Jay Bellchamber
Featuring – Alexandre St-Onge, Christof Migone, Jason Bellchamber, Lee Ranaldo, Paul Dutton
Saturday Interplay
6.1 Norbert, Art, Lee
Featuring – Art Pratten, Lee Ranaldo, Norbert Möslang
6.2 Paulina, Gary, Petra Erstenuk
Featuring – Gary Hill, Paulina Wallenberg-Olsson, Petra Erstenuk
6.3 Boyle, Harold, Owen Curnoe
Featuring – Harold Klunder, John Boyle, Owen Curnoe
6.4 Wallace, Galen, Shawn Bristow, Mark Favro
Featuring – Galen Curnoe, Mark Favro, Shawn Bristow, Wallace Hammond
6.5 Mayuko, Bill, Clement, Miyu Uemura
Featuring – Bill Exley, John Clement, Mayuko Hino, Miyu Uemura
6.6 Craig, Eric, Art, Murray
Featuring – Art Pratten, Craig Squires, Eric Stache, Murray Favro
6.7 Neil, Lee, Don
Featuring – Don Wherry, Lee Ranaldo, Neil Rosenberg
6.8 Andy, Paul, Petra
Featuring – Andy Guhl, Paul Dutton, Petra Erstenuk
6.9 Nakajima, Lee, Tim, Mark Thibideau
Featuring – Akifumi Nakajima, Lee Ranaldo, Mark Thibideau, Tim Glasgow
6.10 Ranko, Bill, Aya, Norbert, Clement
Featuring – Aya Ohnishi, Bill Exley, John Clement, Norbert Möslang, Ranko Onishi



The No Music Festival, March 30 - April 1,2000

Part III in which our heroes, the Nihilist Spasm Band, though undermanned, perservere and prove themselves to be one of the great anti-musical groups of all times. Preceded by great friends and rivals in various worthy, yea amazing, performances of their own. As well prodigal sons Eric Stache and Unclean Wiener return to London-o to join our noisy romp. Following the jolly triumph of the Spasm Band to close the festival, everyone and more, their friends and onlookers too, retired to the parlor for a delightful Interplay of spirited revelry in which they beat the living daylights out of music as you knew it in the 20th Century. The End

Box also contains booklet of photos and notes, plus a No Music 1998-2000 pin. Limited, numbered edition of 500.