Various ‎– No Sense Whatsoever

No Sense Records ‎– 01
Cassette, Compilation


1 Mukeka Di Rato Mickey
2 Mukeka Di Rato Cobra Criada
3 Mukeka Di Rato Nazi Tolices
4 Police Line (2) Target Practice
5 Police Line (2) No Surrender
6 Police Line (2) Imperialist Square
7 Strikers Decay
8 Strikers No Escape
9 Stupid Babies Go Mad Bluster Night
10 Stupid Babies Go Mad Smoke Til Die
11 Stupid Babies Go Mad Life To Die
12 Stupid Babies Go Mad Goddamned
13 Live From Death Row Crucial Carpet
14 Live From Death Row Intro
15 Live From Death Row Heroes And Villains
16 P.T.L. Klub Green Acres
17 P.T.L. Klub This Town Sucks
18 P.T.L. Klub What's Wrong
19 P.T.L. Klub Constitutional Monarchy
20 P.T.L. Klub New American
21 No Side I Never Know
22 No Side Depressing Day
23 No Side Fad
24 No Side Let Ass Unite
25 No Side Nothing Is All
1 Insult (4) Useless Piece Of Shit
2 Insult (4) Off With Your Head
3 Insult (4) Failure
4 Insult (4) Kill A Politician
5 Apatia No Gritos Del Llantos
6 Apatia No Atrapado
7 Apatia No Hazio Tu Mismo
8 Apatia No Problema
9 Gordon Solie Motherfuckers Ghost Cry Of Betray
10 Gordon Solie Motherfuckers 30 Year Losing Streak
11 Gordon Solie Motherfuckers Clevo's Finest
12 Gordon Solie Motherfuckers Unseen Hand
13 Gordon Solie Motherfuckers Threat Is Real
14 Dartboard Tradition
15 Dartboard Beyond The Grave


200 made. Some copies include a small booklet with info pages for each band.