Various ‎– Noise Attack

Lärm-Deponie ‎– 001
Cassette, Compilation


A1 Rövsvett Jehovas Vittnen
A2 Violent Uprising Violent Uprising
A3 Enola Gay (13) Politiker
A4 Panic Stricken Farm Of Death
A5 Brechreiz Dachau
A6 T.A.S.K. Trissessen E Total
A7 Postillion D'amour Blind Beat
A8 Käytttöohje Pelas Tukaa
A9 Dezerter Ask Your Militiaman
A10 Slam (13) En Soldat
A11 The Varukers Never Again
A12 S.C.A. Ford Taunus
A13 The Mob (5) Upset The System
A14 Kolmas Maailma Juuri Jonkkohautal
A15 F.D.A. (2) Amerika
A16 MG 15 Destruye Y Hye
A17 Kalte Dauern Spiesser Verrecke
A18 Svart Framtid Religios Terror
A19 IV Reich Palabra De Dios
A20 Die Regel Kinderschänder
A21 Direct Action (2) Hate Generation
A22 Avskum Kunga Mord
A23 Impact Unit Don't Quit
B1 Mob 47 Fred & Ratvinen
B2 Attack (25) Attack
B3 The Distorted Laugh Or Cry
B4 Real Enemy Like Suck
B5 Phallus (3) Politiker
B6 The Fiend Disciples Of Hell
B7 Urban Sprawl (4) Mai
B8 Rejestracjar* For Who Are Wars?
B9 Massacre (4) Sa Uskat
B10 Rhinoceros (4) Yankees & Commies
B11 Scapegoats (2) Kriegszustand
B12 Diet Of Worms (2) Deep Down Inside
B13 S.O.S. (12) Skateboarding
B14 Die Knallschoten Blut
B15 Concrete Evidence (2) White-Collar Code
B16 Anti Sistema Social Guerra
B17 Skum Dribbluurs Skateboard Song
B18 Funeral Oration (2) Why Should I
B19 Doppelplusungut (2) Lady Di
B20 Doppelplusungut (2) Schwarzfahrer
B21 Solucion Mortal Anonymous
B22 Extrem Scheiss System
B23 M.O.G. (4) This One

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November 13, 2014
unnumbered (b/w) copies should be promo copies for dealers or fanzine editors, if not selfmade


January 29, 2014
my copy came with a orange colour cover and is numbered