Various ‎– Objection! The First

SLM-Object ‎– none
Cassette, Compilation, Numbered


A-1 Euthanasie Intro
A-2 Euthanasie Argst
A-3 Euthanasie 30 Jahre BW
A-4 Verdun L'heure du Chaos
A-5 Verdun Dans les gêoles républicaines
A-6 Verdun Pourriture
A-7 Final Blast Torture légale
A-8 Final Blast Apatride
A-9 Final Blast Minority
A-10 Neale Harmer Angry
A-11 Neale Harmer Housing
A-12 Neale Harmer Army Chic
A-13 Neale Harmer Bovver Boys
B-1 Deviant Gedrag Fear
B-2 Deviant Gedrag Fascist Cops
B-3 Deviant Gedrag The Art
B-4 Dunderheads (2) Tribute To Bela Lugosi
B-5 Dunderheads (2) Cheeseburger
B-6 Dunderheads (2) Vi Skider På Systemet
B-7 Bad Preachers Stay Alive
B-8 Bad Preachers The Leader
B-9 Bad Preachers Night Ride
B-10 Vivisektio ?
B-11 Vivisektio ?
B-12 Vivisektio ?
B-13 Dunderheads (2) I Eat Cakes
B-14 Euthanasie Outro


Belgian compilation tape featuring hardcore and anarcho-punk bands from Belgium, France, Germany, Finland, Denmark and the UK.

Hand-numbered on the double sided, fold-out sleeve and on the A-side cassette label, as well as "Objection The 1st" and "SLM-Object Product!" hand written on the labels

Signed by J. Anti(SLM-Object label & zine) right under a serial number on the sleeve

The Vivisektio tracks are uncredited(Just says "3 good songs!" on a track listing)