Various ‎– Of Swords And Magic Mix

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A1 Masters Of The Universe (3) Castle Grey Skull Side One
A2 Stormwitch Cave of Steenfoll
A3 Overlorde Snow Giant
A4 Blues Creation Demon & Eleven Children
A5 October 31 The Warlock
A6 Revocation Conjuring the Cataclysm
A7 Attack (12) The Dragon From The Hill
A8 S.A. Slayer* Ancient Swords
A9 Max Lynx Dragons And Warriors
A10 Megasus Paladin vs. Berserker
B1 Satan Blades Of Steel
B2 Saint Vitus White Magic/Black Magic
B3 Cirith Ungol Blood & Iron
B4 Metal Church Merciless Onslaught
B5 Black Knight (5) Day Of The Wizard
B6 Elixir (3) The Spell
B7 Unicorn (13) The Return Of The Legend
B8 Chastain When The Battle’s Over
B9 Manowar The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)
B10 Masters Of The Universe (3) Castle Grey Skull Side Two



Originally released digitally on January 22, 20122 at Heavy Metal Mix Tape blog.

This release has different artwork and four tracks less than the original mix tape. Missing tracks are:

Candlemass - Demon of the Deep
Uriah Heep - The Wizard
Gotham City - Black Writs
Brocas Helm - Prepare For Battle

"I had a story thread here when i originally threw this mix together around the turn of the new year (2012). We start in the cave, a snow giant approaches a demon, and we see the demon and its children. We then jump to the wizard, one of the hero’s of the tale. We then turn to the Warlock, one of the tales darker elements. The Warlock turns to the dark arts and uses his power to break open the deep earth, releasing the sleeping Dragon. The kingdom faces the newly risen evil by preparing for war. The hunt is on for the swords of the past and the “blades of steel” take to the field. The war begins as “dragons and warriors” draw the others blood. A showdown takes place between the “Paladin” and the “Berserker.” The Wizard and the Warlock clash as “white” and “black” magic struggle for ascendency. The hordes of the beast begin to turn the tide towards their favor during their “Merciless Onslaught.” But, the wizard casts “the spell” and summons the “return of the legend” who ends the war. The aftermath is described with the “crown and the ring.”"