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VariousOh What A Feeling (A Vital Collection Of Canadian Music)


1-1The Guess WhoAmerican Woman
Written-ByCummings*, Peterson*, Kale*, Bachman*
1-2Lighthouse (2)One Fine Morning
Written-ByS. Prokop*
1-3Crowbar (3)Oh What A Feeling4:11
1-4SteppenwolfBorn To Be Wild
Written-ByMars Bonfire
1-5Sweeney ToddRoxy Roller
Written-ByJ. McCulloch*, N. Gilder*
1-6Downchild Blues Band(I Got Everything I Need) Almost
Written-ByDon Walsh
1-7Powder Blues Band*Doin' It Right
Written-ByTom Lavin
1-8Trooper (4)Raise A Little Hell
Written-BySmith*, McGuire*
1-9ChilliwackFly At Night4:54
1-10Triumph (2)Magic Power
Written-ByMoore*, Levine*, Emmett*
1-11Saga (3)On The Loose
Written-ByM. Sadler*, Saga (3)
1-12A Foot In Coldwater(Make Me Do) Anything You Want
Written-ByD. Taylor*, P. Naumann*
1-13Burton CummingsStand Tall
Written-ByB. Cummings*
1-14Bachman-Turner OverdriveTakin' Care Of Business
Written-ByR. Bachman*
1-15Rough TradeHigh School Confidential
Written-ByCarole Pope, Kevin Staples*
1-16The Pursuit Of HappinessI'm An Adult Now
Written-ByMoe Berg
1-17Martha And The MuffinsEcho Beach
Written-ByM. Gane*
1-18Cowboy JunkiesMisguided Angel
Written-ByMargo*, Michael Timmins
1-19Parachute Club*Rise Up
Lyrics ByL. Fernie*
Lyrics By [Additional Lyrics]L. Segato*
Music ByL. Conger*, L. Segato*, S. Webster*
Written-ByB. Bryans*
2-1RushCloser To The Heart
Written-ByLifeson*, Lee*, Peart*, Talbot*
2-2LoverboyTurn Me Loose
Written-ByM. Reno*, P. Dean*
2-3Bryan AdamsCuts Like A Knife
Written-ByB. Adams*, J. Vallance*
2-4Corey HartSunglasses At Night
Written-ByC. Hart*
2-5Payola$Eyes Of A Stranger
Written-ByB. Rock*, P. Hyde*
2-6The Jeff Healey BandSee The Light
Written-ByJ. Healey*
2-7Colin James (2)Just Came Back
Written-ByC. James*, D. Burgess*
2-8Kim MitchellPatio Lanterns
Written-ByMitchell*, Dubois*
2-9Honeymoon SuiteNew Girl Now
Written-ByDermot Grehan*
2-10Glass TigerDon't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)
Written-ByGlass Tiger, Jim Vallance
2-11Maestro Fresh Wes*Let Your Backbone Slide (Radio Edit)
Written-ByW. Williams*
2-12Bruce CockburnIf I Had A Rocket Launcher
Written-ByB. Cockburn*
2-13Barenaked LadiesIf I Had $1000000
Written-ByEd Robertson, Steven Page
2-14The Tragically HipNew Orleans Is Sinking
Written-ByThe Tragically Hip
2-15Tom CochraneLife Is A Highway
Written-ByT. Cochrane*
2-16Moist (3)Push
Written-ByMoist (3)
2-17Alanis MorissetteYou Oughta Know
Lyrics ByA. Morrissette*
Music ByA. Morissette*, G. Ballard*
3-1Anne MurraySnowbird
Written-ByGene MacLellan
3-2The Guess WhoThese Eyes
Written-ByCummings*, Bachman*
3-3Stampeders*Sweet City Woman
Written-ByRich Dodson
3-4Five Man Electrical BandSigns
Written-ByLes Emmerson
3-5April WineYou Could Have Been A Lady
Written-ByE. Brown*, T. Wilson*
3-6MashmakhanAs Years Go By
Written-ByP. Senecal*
3-7Poppy Family*Which Way You Going Billy
Written-BySusan Jacks, Terry Jacks
3-8Motherlode (2)When I Die
Written-ByS. Kennedy*, W. Smith*
3-9Blood, Sweat & Tears*Spinning Wheel
Written-ByD.C. Thomas*
3-10The BandThe Weight
Written-ByJ.R. Robertson*
3-11Ocean (3)Put Your Hand In The Hand
Written-ByGene MacLellan
3-12The Bells (2)Stay Awhile
Written-ByKenneth Wayne Tobias*
3-13Frank MillsMusic Box Dancer
Written-ByF. Mills*
3-14Skylark (3)Wildflower
Written-ByD. Richardson*, D. Edwards*
Tracks 1 — 50 of 77

Companies, etc.



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This compilation ℗ 1996 Canadian Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences. This compilation © 1996 Canadian Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences. Manufactured and distributed in Canada by MCA Music Entertainment, a division of MCA Canada Ltd.

A four disc collection. Each disc is housed in a regular sized jewel case with a front and back insert, all four discs are housed in a cardboard slipcase.
Some copies came with a white hype sticker (see image).

Juno awards twenty fifth anniversary. All proceeds from sales were donated to The Starlight Foundation, The Safehaven Project For Community Living and The Caras Scholarship Fund charities.

Tracks 2-11 and 4-6 are radio edits, though not indicated on release.

Some title and artist names appear slightly different on box vs. each individual disc's cover and tray insert:

-Track 2-11 artist on box printed as "Maestro Fresh-Wes" and on disc cover & tray insert is printed as "Maestro Fresh Wes";
-Track 2-13 title on box printed as "If I Had A Million Dollars" and on disc cover & tray insert is printed as "If I Had $1000000";
-Track 3-9 artist on box printed as "Blood, Sweat And Tears" and on disc cover & tray insert is printed as "Blood, Sweat & Tears";
-Track 3-17 title on box printed as "Rock 'n' Roll Song" and on disc cover & tray insert is printed as "Rock 'N' Roll Song";
-Track 4-2 title on box printed as "Hélene" and on disc cover & tray insert is printed as "Hélène".

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Other (Cat#, Disc 1): JUNO-25-1
  • Other (Cat#, Disc 2): JUNO-25-2
  • Other (Cat#, Disc 3): JUNO-25-3
  • Other (Cat#, Disc 4): JUNO-25-4
  • Price Code: X
  • Barcode: 6 0245-00025-2 0
  • Barcode (String): 602450002520
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1): #960104XK JUNO-25/1 MFG BY CINRAM
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2): #960219XI JUNO-25/2 MFG BY CINRAM
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 3): #960306FF JUNO-25/3 L382 MFG BY CINRAM
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 3 Variant with old style CINRAM font): #960121N JUNO-25/3 L382 MFG BY CINRAM
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 4): #960105XM JUNO-25/4 MFG BY CINRAM
  • Mould SID Code (All Discs): IFPI 6000

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