Various ‎– Ohio's Greatest Obscenities

Ɔretun Records ‎– KBD #2
Cassette, Compilation, Unofficial Release


A1 Electric Eels Agitated
A2 The Human Switchboard Where The Light Breaks
A3 11,000 Switches "Live"
A4 The Wolverton Brothers Fishin'
A5 The Wild Giraffes When I Find Out
A5 Musical Suicide I'm Disturbed
A6 Screaming Urge Homework
A7 Pere Ubu Life Stinks
A8 The Highly Evolved Cosmic Beings High Technology
A9 Mom (17) Takes A Man
A10 Les Black's Amazing Pink Holes ??
A11 x_x A
A12 Numbskull (2) Ugly
A13 The Lepers Light Up A Pack
A14 The Dark (2) You Got What You Wanted
A15 Outerwear Bloody Toilet Paper
A16 True Believers (2) Accept It
A17 Easter Monkeys Take Another Pill
A18 Offbeats Nothing For Me
A19 Sluggo (2) Suburban Haven
A20 Starvation Army Millions Of Songs About Dead Cops
A21 Zero Defex Death Is Fatal
B1 Great Plains Cave-In
B2 The Reactions Happy
B3 Diffi-Cult Fire Burns Up
B4 Styrene Money* Everything Near Me
B5 Jazz Destroyers Love Meant To Die
B6 The Guns I'm Not Right
B7 No Parole Disposition: Hellion
B8 Idiot Humans Dressed In Green
B9 Human Sufferage Nowhere Fast
B10 Painful Discharge Thoughts Far Away
B11 Radical Left Society Hates You
B12 Mike Rep And The Quotas Rocket To Nowhere
B13 Vertical Slit Living In Fear
B14 The Ed Davis Band Keith Richard's Dead
B15 Mucous Gravy Fart When I Piss
B16 BPA Bus
B17 Blank Schatz Devil's Hole Road
B18 Urban Mutants Mayhem A Go-Go
B19 Spike In Vain Glass Doorknob
B20 Devo I'm A Potato


A collection of strange and obscure Ohio punk cuts featured in issue 7 of Cretins of Distortion. 96 min runtime.


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November 8, 2015

An excellent collection of Ohio Punk greats and unknowns from the last 40 years. Some really rare cuts including the first ever appearance of Mucous Gravy on anything but DIY.