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Not On Label – none
9 x CDr, Compilation
Unknown, Limited Edition, Partially Unofficial


The Shades Of Darkness - Rehearsal (1968)
1-01The Shades Of Darkness (3)Soft Machine - Medley
1-02The Shades Of Darkness (3)Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love
1-03The Shades Of Darkness (3)Iron Butterfly - You Can't Win
1-04The Shades Of Darkness (3)Jimi Hendrix - Fire
1-05The Shades Of Darkness (3)Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
1-06The Shades Of Darkness (3)Jimi Hendrix - Love Or Confusion
1-07The Shades Of Darkness (3)Fallen Angels - Room At The Top
1-08The Shades Of Darkness (3)Love - Signed D.C.
Stone Bunny - Nothing Left EP (1970)
1-09Stone BunnyInto The Ground
1-10Stone BunnyFreeland
1-11Stone BunnyOld Man
1-12Stone BunnySunday's Child
1-13Stone BunnyNothing Left
Stone Bunny 1 - 1970
2-01Stone BunnyInto The Ground
2-02Stone BunnyFreeland
2-03Stone BunnyNothing Left
2-04Stone BunnyOld Man
2-05Stone BunnyCartwheel
2-06Stone BunnyCrucified
2-07Stone BunnyPeak
2-08Stone BunnyMark My Word
2-09Stone BunnyPlease Don't Forget Me
2-10Stone BunnyPentagram
2-11Stone BunnyLivin' In A Ram's Head
2-12Stone BunnyLazy Lady
2-13Stone BunnySunday's Child
2-14Stone BunnyCrucified 2
2-15Stone BunnyPeak 2
2-16Stone BunnyMark My Word 2
2-17Stone BunnyCartwheel 2
Stone Bunny 2 - 1971
3-01Stone BunnyI'll Certainly See You In Hell
3-02Stone BunnyMark My Word
3-03Stone BunnyCrucified
3-04Stone BunnyRape
3-05Stone BunnyWindmills & Chimes
3-06Stone BunnyBang It Out
3-07Stone BunnyCall The Man
3-08Stone BunnyNothing Left
3-09Stone BunnyLivin' In A Ram's Head
3-10Stone BunnyLazy Lady
3-11Stone BunnyBe Forewarned
3-12Stone BunnyRun My Course
3-13Stone BunnyPentagram
3-14Stone BunnyNothing Left
Macabre - 1972
4-01Macabre (2)Be Forewarned
Tracks 1 — 50 of 119


(Partially?) unofficial CDr box set.

Each CD has at least a front/back cover with images and tracklist or a 4-pages full color booklet. Some CDs come without a tracklist.

Apparently other sets similar to this one were made, however with a different amount of CDs, different tracklists and/or different artwork.

CDr 1: The Shades Of Darkness: Rehearsal 1968 (first band name pre-Pentagram, playing only cover songs)
CDr 1: Stone Bunny: Nothing Left EP 1970 (another variant name in the band's early days)
CDr 2: Stone Bunny: Recording Session 1970 (another variant name in the band's early days)
CDr 3: Stone Bunny: Recording Session 1971 (another variant name in the band's early days)
CDr 4: Macabre: Recording Session 1972 (another variant name in the band's early days)
CDr 4: Virgin Death: Recording Session 1973 (another variant name in the band's early days
CDr 5: Wicked Angel - Recording Session 1974 (another variant name in the band's early days)
CDr 6: High Voltage: Deep Covers (another variant name in the band's early days - year and infos missing, possibly 1978)
CDr 7: High Voltage - Live In Spotsylvania (1978)
CDr 8: Death Row: Whore Demo 1983
CDr 8: Pentagram: Demo 1996
CDr 9: Bedemon: Demo 1988
CDr 9: Pentagram (as Opression): Demo 1997

Comes in a big carton box with Pentagram logo, a b/w drawing taken from a Death Row photo and a drawing of Pentagram band members.

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