Various ‎– Point: Chunja Rapids

10 × File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps


1 Alpha Kawu Sennacherib 6:55
2 Flying Hills White Riders 9:19
3 Empiric Project Sail (Cutty Sark) 5:26
4 Soft Note Syphe Desert 3:03
5 WMRI The Dream Of Spheres 10:13
6 Wandering Wind & WMRI Entrance To The Light World 11:54
7 Astral (19) & Shit Subtile Сorpus 11:44
8 Flying Hills Birds 8:53
9 Empiric Project Condor 6:13
10 Soft Note Ancient Jungles 7:44


61°47'23"N 98°1'18"E.

What does it mean? It means, that today we are going to mark the first point on our map and set off for the new trip, the trip to the Chunja Rapids.

Fast and rapid Chunja river flows through Central Siberian Plateau and falls into the Podkamennaya Tunguska river not far from the Epicenter. No one knows, when and how that enigmatic, perennially covered with fog, forest of vertical cliffs on its left bank had appeared. Maybe those are the ancient monuments to our unknown guests from the cold space? What is hiding there, in the mist?

We invite you to pull aside the shroud of mystery and plunge into the secrets of the Chunja Rapids. Who knows, what we will meet at the next turn of the river...

Compilation: Tunguska EMS & Darg Sodrag
Mastering: Artem Dragunov & TC6000
Artwork: Nikas Kotic
Original photo: Anton Moskvin