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July 18, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
Compilation - Positive Prototype - Proton Records

Finally arrived at my mail box another expected delivery: The debut compilation of the newest Brazillian label Proton Records.

It has a high tech cover art by Iandub and was mastered in Israel by Yaniv Shulman. The CD is mostly yellow. It's not mentioned anywhere, but I thing it was compiled by the well known DJ Bishop (correct me if I'm wrong).

I really miss a cd sleeve here. There's no mention to track times anywhere, but inside the folder we can find the bpm for each track (which I folded in another way, to make it easier to find track's bpms).

Track List:

01. Miracle - The Beginning 140 bpm
02. Alternative Control - Positive Prototype 140 ppm
03. Pop Stream & Elastic - Frost 145 bpm
04. Aquatica - Discotech 146 bpm
05. Zen Mechanics - Evolver 145 bpm
06. Eskimo & Substance - Enough is enough 148 bpm
07. Inner Action - Rolling 145 bpm
08. Z Machine - Killer Machine 145 bpm
09. 2 HI - Bad Azz 143 bpm
10. X-Noize - Daylight Hallucinations 145 bpm

Let's see what we've got here, track by track:

01. Miracle - The Beginning --> Miracle is Bishop and Sesto Matan (Gataka & Sesto Sento). This track with lower bpm fits well the start of this compilation, it has a mix of groove and power , some strange breaks, nice melodies and a good dose of psychedelic effects and distorted samples, I like it.

02. Alternative Control - Positive Prototype --> This track gave the name to the album (or maybe the album gave the name to the track? Who will ever know... ). It starts in a melodic way and develop into something more psychedelic and even energetic, in spite of the low bpm. Good track.

03. Pop Stream & Elastic - Frost --> This track has a sample that I don't understand, please someone help me (all I understand is "Water... Lock me now... Touch the sky". Another track, higher bpm, steady flow and great melodies and build up to end it. I'll try it on my next party's dance floor.

04. Aquatica - Discotech --> Starting with a long intro, this piece of psychedelic perfection really makes me smile... Very good bass work here, also one breaks in the middle are good to dance. One of my favorites here.

05. Zen Mechanics - Evolver --> This track starts with an amazing distorted sample: "All eternity is our playground". I loved this sample, combines perfectly with the track name. It's a joyful track to dance, packed with nice synths and a fierce kick. Another favorite.

06. Eskimo & Substance - Enough is Enough --> This is the faster track in this release, a good work, I really like it until the last two minutes, when I feel something is missing.

07. Inner Action - Rolling --> We are steadly rolling with this track... Seems like it never ends! I like it, kinda hypnotic but always building up. Not a doubt it works on dance floor like Nutella in a slice of bread.

08. Z Machine - Killer Machine --> Starting with the sample: "Killer Machine", what I like the most in this track is the sound at 1:06... Makes me trip! This track has a nice atmosphere! Another favorite.

09. 2 HI - Bad Azz --> 2 Hi is Daniel Costa (Vibra) and Marcelo V.O.R., two pioneers on the Brazilian psytrance scene. This track has a lower bpm and is a darker atmosphere when compared to the others, but is no worse. Evolves smoothly and groovily (these words exist? ). Good track.

10. X-Noize - Daylight Hallucinations --> Ending the album is this track, which has samples from the movie Donnie Darko: "...Daylight Hallucination..." and "I know this is gonna sound kind of weird, but... Do you know anything about... time travel?". Good samples (and movie), but this track is not my style.

This debut is the shout from Proton Records to the world: "Beware, we arrived!". Carefully worked tracks, high production level, some well known artists and some newcomers as well, everything sounds far above average. Proton's debut leaves behind some older labels in terms of quality, number of good and useful track per album and time of music per album.
The total time is around 74 minutes, which leave us with 6 empty minutes, but since we got 10 good tracks and no album fillers, I think it's really a good deal.

Verdict: 8.5/10. What could be better is that it could have a sleeve with track names and BPMs. I bet next Proton release will have it.
Favorites: 3, 4(!!), 5(!!), 8 (!!), 9.