Various ‎– Project Majestic Mix - The Trance Album

KFSS Studios ‎– KFSS-708
CD, Compilation, Limited Edition


Created by fans, Project Majestic Mix is a series of albums designed to pay respect to videogame composers new and old around the world by presenting their music in new and different ways.

<small>"Under Cover of Night" - from the HALO original soundtrack, originally composed by Martin O'Donnel and Michael Salvatori. Puplished by Bungie.
"Industrial Fear" - remix of "Fear Factory" from the Donkey Kong Country Original Soundtrack, originally composed by Robin Beanland, Evelyn Fischer and Dave Wise. Published by Nintendo of America.
"Mistaken Love" - from the Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack, originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Published by Square Enix.
"G-Storm" - from Extreme G Official remixes, originally composed by Simon Robertson. Published by Acclaim.
"Holy Night" - from Seiken Desetsu 2 (Secret of Mana)Original Sound Version. Originally composed by Hiroki Kikuta. Published by NTT Publishing CO. LTD.
"On Top of Jacob's Ladder" - based on "Brinstar Overgrown With vegetation Area".
From Super Metroid "Sound in Action", originally composed by Kenji Yamamoto. Published by Sony Records.
"Egg of Dreams" - Xenogears Original Soundtrack, originally composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. Published by Digicube.
"Rena's Theme" - Star Ocean: The Second Story OST. Originally composed by Moto Sakuraba. Published by First Smile Entertainment.
"Dawn" - Einhänder OST. Originally composed by Kenichiro Fukui. Published by Digicube.
"St. Gabriel's Mask" - Ecco: Songs of Time. Originally composed by Spencer Nilsen. Published by Sega Music Group.
"Main Theme" - Final Fantasy VII OST. Originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Published by Square Enix.
"White Skies" - based on "People of the Far North". Final Fantasy X OST. Originally composed by Masashi Hamauzu. Published by Square Enix.</small>

Limited to 1000 copies.