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Parvati Records ‎– PRVCD08
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1 Jahbo Audiodidakt
Written-By, Producer – Rølike Jahbo*
2 Phonic Request vs. Akhoa Early Reflections
Written-By, Producer – O. Charpier*, W. Decaesteker*
3 Insane Behavior Fix The Fluff
Written-By, Producer – Bo Terkelsen
4 Ohm Gnome Step Away From The Dwarf
Written-By, Producer – Bo Terkelsen, Jaffa*
5 Naked Tourist Lunatic Asylum
Written-By, Producer – Iguana*, Z-Neo
6 Wizard Lizard Dumping Physical Memory
Written-By, Producer – Guy Marciano, Roi Levi
7 Kindzadza Back To The Future
Written-By, Producer – Lev Greshilov*
8 Irie / Spiralz Baloo
Written-By, Producer – C. Granstrom*, R. Mellgren*
9 Para Halu Snake It Easy
Written-By, Producer – Adam Hohmann, András Fekete

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Distribution by Wirikuta

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1/145 | 2/146 | 3/147 | 4/148 | 5/147 | 6/146 | 7/148 | 8/146 | 9/148


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December 19, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
Parvati Records based in Denmark has got a very good reputation among the so called darkpsy fans out there. Their line up of artists is big in the night time scene, previously called names such as Russian style etc. This is the kind of trance that people has told us is so underground for several years now, but these days it seems like it has almost become the commercial part of the trance scene. Pretty funny how the scene changes, isn’t it? Take a look at this years line up at the Full Moon festival in Germany, and you will understand what I mean... Parvati has supported the dancing tribe in Goa as usual this winter, and is back with more dark stuff for those who prefer it scary.

You might wonder why these artists who has released so few tracks are so famous in this scene? That’s probably because most of the people listening to this kind of trance download their music, and there has been plenty of tracks by these artists floating around on the internet the last few years... Is it necessary more underground if people download instead of buying? Well, that’s another discussion... First out is Jahbo (Rølike Jahbo) from Denmark. Here we jump right into a dark, night time vibe. Monotonous rolling, quite flat bass line, with weird, strange, psychedelic sounds playing above. Not much melodies, just swirling weird sounds. This guy sure has a good ear for weird sounds, and I think this track is pretty cool, but I would prefer some more melodies. Track 2 is a collaboration between two French guys, Phonic Request (Wilfried Decaesteker) and Akhoa (O. Chapier). Phonic Request is known from releases on Magma and Mandragore Records. The bass line in this one sounds more massive, and we get slightly more variation. Pure night time, with a lot of twisted sounds going wild in there. You also get some scary movie themes. One of the best tracks on this compilation in my ears, because of the variation. Track 3 is by Insane Behavior (Bo Terkelsen) from Denmark, also known as one half of Meteloids. This one starts with a voice sample, before a rolling, monotonous bass line hits in and rolls through to the end. As usual with this darkpsy, you get some swirling sounds in there, but I missed some more creativity of sounds in this one. Still, quite massive and very intense. Track 4 is by a new name called Ohm Gnome, which is Insane Behavior in collaboration with another Danish guy named Jacob Skouborg, which is one half of Grapes Of Wrath. This one goes much more massive. Very intense, dark track. Also more groovy than most other darkpsy tracks these days.

Track 5 is by Naked Tourist (Z-Neo & Iguana) from Germany. They doesn’t give us much sign of light either. Here we get some crispy, funny sounds bubbling. We also get some metallic beats and quite monotonous rhythm drift. Scary laughter and evil sounds. Music that scares the shit out of people if they hear it at their first psytrance party... Track 6 is by Wizard Lizard (Roi Levi & Guy Marciano) from Israel, who has released a couple of tracks on Doof and Nabi Records. This is among the most intense tracks on this compilation. Pure evil madness for the night. Not tired yet? Track 7 is by one of the most known artists in the darkpsy scene, which is Kindzadza (Lev Greshsilov) from Russia. No rest here either. A heavy, fast (148bpm), pumping track that sort of builds up. Track 8 is by Irie (Robert Mellgren) who has released tracks on labels such as Spirit Zone, Uphonic and Stoneage Records. Here he has made a track together with a guy called Spiralz (C. Granstrom) somewhere in India. This track has almost nagging sounds. Very intense, but I missed some variation here. I actually become almost stressed out by listening to it... The last track on this compilation comes from Para Halu (Fekete Andras & Adam Hohmann) from Hungary. Here we get a pumping, dark monster of a track. Scary, almost mystic vibes. Something for the darkest moments in the night.

This is probably the best compilation Parvati Records has released so far. Their tracks doesn’t sounds as flat anymore, you get better production and you find more creativity in the tracks. Personally, I miss some moments in darkpsy where I can get the a breath of air. No time to rest here, just rolling through the night... Maybe these artists will learn to make some melodies one day too. That would be fun...


October 20, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
Our danish neighbors, Parvati Records, brings the third part in their popular Psychedelically Yours-series. The disc is spiced up with nine tracks who's singing between 145 to 148 BPM, and offers as usual an impressive tracklist, at least by judging from the cover. We get the plesure of surfing sonic vibrations again delivered by wellknown Parvatisupporters, but we also get the opportunity to shake our head to Ohmgnome, a constellation between Jaffa from Grapes of Wrath and Terkelsen from Meteloids, as well as a french battle between Phonic Request and Akhoa.

After I've calm down the ocean of feelings within me, I come to the conclusion that the third piece in the Psychedelically Yours-series comes like a drink with different tastes. The disc's opening with familiar tones whom we all recognize and associate with Parvati, and then it delivers two negative surprises who doesn't feel like something I associate with Parvati Records at all. The mix up is then followed by a flipped out track from Ohmgnome, followed by three tracks who runs me over, all of them, three times in a row. After that, it's left some space for some playful Örebrojoy and then the rope is cut by a total disappointment, a sleepwalker who did both wake up on the wrong side of the bed, as well as it dazed tried to charm the listener.

This release does not keep the flag high enough for Parvati, and I'm putting the disc back in it's cover and put the CD back in the collection with a disappointment in my heart. I do think that those who are not that into Parvati and it's previous releases will like this release, but for a fanatic lunatic like me, this is just simply not enough. Three-four good tracks on a CD who's armed with nine deliveries is just not enough.


March 23, 2005
edited over 13 years ago

Anti-fluff! Anti-cheddar! Anti-Christ!

After last years massive compilation Psychedelically Yours 2 and the smash split album Tits On Fire by Grapes of Wrath/Meteloids, highly acclaimed Danish hyper-trance label Parvati Records is out with their 8th release… This time it’s another compilation, and if it’s only half as good as their previous releases I’m a happy man… Let’s find out…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Jahbo – Audiodidakt [145 BPM]
First up is Jahbo a.k.a. Rølike Jahbo from Denmark who is also one half of Meteloids… I really, really dig his style and so far nothing he’s been involved in has let me down… And yes, I’m happy to inform you, that he does not let me down here either… After two seconds, the gloomy, haunting atmosphere has been established and Jahbo takes us for a fucked-up walk thru eerie forests… The skeleton of this track is made up by rich, phat pads of gritty industrial noise tangled up in deep, dark psychedelia… The title is a play on words, as ‘autodidakt’ means ‘self-taught’ in Danish, and fuck yeah – Jahbo knows his shit… Very cool track!

#02: Phonic Request vs. Akhoa – Early Reflections [146 BPM]
Phonic Request is Wilfried Decaesteker and Akhoa is O.Charpier – both from France… I haven’t heard any of their stuff before, so I didn’t really have any expectations… Though the bpm-range has only increased by 1, it seems like a must faster track… Deeply psychedelic, dark, twisted hyper-trance with just enough acid-lines to keep my ass wiggling… Kinda like Phyx, but with a darker more repetitive edge… I really like the oddball twists and rapid changes in pace this track have… Good experimental stuff!

#03: Insane Behaviour – Fix The Fluff [147 BPM]
“When you smoke that shit everything kind of gets weird, you know what I mean? Dope!…Eight cases where the natural structure of the hexagram makes its inversion ineffective in changing any of the lines” Insane Behaviour kicks things off with a Platoon quote that soon evolves into a Terrance McKenna quote… We’re back in Denmark now with the solo-project from Bo Terkelsen the other half of Meteloids... And Meteloids is just what this sounds like… Dark, distorted, twisted, wriggling underground psy-trance… As anti-fluffy as it gets!

#04: Ohm Gnome – Step Away From The Dwarf [148 BPM]
I thought they were called little people? Bo Terkelsen is also involved in this project along with Jaffa from Grapes of Wrath… Check out the wicked intro to this track – as Dam1on said it really picks you up by the shorts, and after a good old shake-up it dumps you back on the dancefloor… There’s a very unique groove in this track, and as it bounces back and forth it’s very hard not to move… Full power hypnotic night-time trance… I dig!

#05: Naked Tourist – Lunatic Asylum [147 BPM]
“Fantasy is a part of reality. And we take the break. We’re thinking clearly, yet not thinking at all. This feels right. We stop trying to control the drug. This feels right…” Naked Tourist is Z-Neo and Iguana from Germany, and they also had a track on Psychedelically Yours 2… Cool intro with some kid humming – a humming that soon transforms into a massive bassline… Computerized samples and dark, twisted FX makes up the initial part of the track, but it soon turns into a big old mean trance machine… I’m a sucker for acid-lines and this is acid galore! I like the naïve melody in the middle part, and everything after 6’48 is just pure bliss… The funny druggy voice-samples helps add to the overall madness this choon portrays… Aptly named indeed – and indeed brilliant! I’m gonna be all over their debut album coming soon on Parvati Records… Gimme gimme gimme!

#06: Wizard Lizard – Dumping Physical Memory [146 BPM]
This is my first encounter with the creative outlet of Roi Levi & Guy Marciano from Israel, but I know they’ve released tracks on both Doof and Nabi Records… And I’ll be damned if this isn’t another kick-ass track… Again it’s mean-ass, gritty, dirty, super-demented, evil hyper night-psytrance – with too many layers to count… A big phat wall of psychedelia – closing in on you! Reminds me of Kemic-Al – and that’s a sign of quality… I’ll keep my eyes open for these guys in the future ‘cause this is damn good!

#07: Kindzadza – Back To The Future [148 BPM]
“Look, it doesn’t matter who created what – the important thing is…” Kindzadza is Leo Greshilov from Russia, and he’s one of the veterans of darkish psytrance with two released albums and loads of compilation tracks… And holy fuck, this is one mean motherfucking tune… and I mean really mean – Psychodelichesky-mean! It’s an extremely fast-paced, hard-hitting bass-monster… Yikes! It takes a little getting used to, but after repeated listens you’ll learn to appreciate it… As opposed to my fellow reviewer Scobbah, I like the last two minutes here the best – there’s a very infectious groove going on… Good, but not as good as the previous tracks here I’m afraid… But then again, the competition is fierce on compilation, so it’s really nitpicking…

#08: Irie/Spiralz – Baloo [146 BPM]
Irie is Robin Mellgren and Spiralz is C.Granstøm – both from India… Their names don’t sound too Indian, so I have a feeling its exile Swedes in Goa… But screw that, let’s talk about the bare necessities of their track Baloo… This track is a mish-mash, hectic track with cut-up bits and pieces – put back together into a dark, industrial sounding psy-frenzy… It has definite hints to both the weirder side of Finnish and Australian psy-trance… Would’ve fit in perfectly on the Schizm compilation released on Gi’iwa in 2004… It’s a great track, but somehow it’s a little too hectic for the flow on this CD… What kinda shrooms are they on in India? Hook me up!

#09: Para Halu – Snake It Easy [148 BPM]
András Fekete & Adám Hohmann from Hungary lure us into thinking this is a laidback track with the track name and all… But I can assure you it’s not… It may sound like that for the first minute, but it’s a hoax! The track itself has kinda the same spooky, haunting feel as their track on Psychedelically Yours 2… Oh yes, this is Halloween trance complete with distant screams and crows to mess with your emotions… Boo-fucking-hoo! Bittersweet and twisted… And the ending really grabs you by the balls and leaves a lasting impression! A great way to end a truly great hyper-trance compilation!

I love it! Despite the surprise turn the last three tracks take, I’m really, really impressed with this compilation that once and for all should establish Parvati Records as the founding fathers of ultra-hard, hard-hitting, ball-breaking, deeply demented hyper night-trance… There is no fucking around here – this is the real deal…

As with the last two Parvati releases, I do not hesitate to give this my highest recommendation… All fans of the above mentioned style needs this compilation in their collection… Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5(!!), 6, 9