Various ‎– Punktastic Un-Scene 4 (30 Seconds To Impact)

Banquet Records ‎– BANQUET004
CD, Compilation

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1 Pickled Dick Boredom Central
2 Over And Out Enough Is Enough
3 Laughing In The Face of Sex Punch
4 Templeton Pek 30 Seconds Too Far
5 Sonic Boom Six An Ode To D.I.Y. Promoters
6 Caffeine (3) Radio
7 Day Of Rising Petrelli
8 Hogwash Aftershow At Lil Jon's
9 The Bad Robots Life Won't Wait
10 You Me And The Atom Bomb This Was Not A Boating Accident
11 The JB Conspiracy Road Trip
12 Short Warning Let It Go
13 Chillerton Ticket For One
14 On The Turn The Genius Of Linda Smith
15 The Don Ramos Players Four Engines For Safety
16 Little Flags Young Guns
17 For Old Times Sake Statements
18 Pendleton (2) A Commitment And A Vow
19 Our Time Down Here Clear To Go!
20 Movement Library Fast, Faster, Fastest
21 Buzzkill (UK)* Batten Down The Hatches
22 Oxygen Thief Pros And Cons
23 Life Coach (2) One Line
24 Lost On Landing That's What She Said
25 The Misnomer The Mis No Mer
26 Down I Go Flight Of The Roflcopter
27 The Display Team Theme From The Display Team
28 Overthrow (8) Talk Of The Town
29 Shermer Interlude
30 From Plan To Progress Some People Think Long Song Titles Are Pretentious But I Quite Like Them
31 32FramesPerSecond Yipee-Ki-Yay Motherfucker
32 Clockwork Angst Seamless
33 Kill The Arcade We Have Something In Common
34 Wasted Daze (2) The Ghost Of You
35 The Upgrades All My Best Friends Are Emo Heads
36 Pregnant Dad Mugged By Five Year Olds
37 Broadways Not Ready If This Was A Film Of Our Lives, This Is Where It Would Cut To Us Having Sex
38 Gavin Osborn Scrabble
39 Forever Ends Today I'll Take The Car And Raise You My Middle Finger
40 Zatopeks* 7:47
41 The Southern Cradle Lost At Sea
42 Red; The Resistance Governmental
43 Scream! Shout! Say Nothing I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter (But I'm Excellent At Both)
44 Cannon Fodder (3) FAD
45 Despondent (2) No Room
46 Juice Head! 31 Second Song
47 Mybe Down And Out
48 Jack's Wasted Life Smile
49 Name In Brackets Paul Daniels
50 Arse Full Of Chips Macho Man Paul Savage
Featuring – Itch from The King Blues*
51 Rig Up Explosive Smack The Clam
52 The Quarry Sirensong
53 5FD Hypocrite
54 Heroic Doses (2) When I Say Go You Jump Him
55 Make It Better Later Fil Once Ate A Whole Family Meal At Burger King By Himself
56 Lost On Campus Fuori
57 Fantastic Castle A34
58 Page Not Found Proxy
59 The Steal Up In Smoke
60 Stash Pocket Kane Vs The Undertaker
61 The Apostates Off My Life (AKA "I'm A Lion")
62 Unicorn Choice?! For Spring
63 Portman From Here To Your Eyes And Ears
64 7 Day Conspiracy Blood On Your Hands
65 Berrick Lloyd
66 Detox (12) Hell And Back In 30 Seconds
67 The Ruined (2) I Loved You But Now You're Food
68 Lights Alive Don't Back Down
69 Hidesincaves Fridge?
70 Hudson (8) Overdose
71 Out From Animals Spoilers
72 Russell And The Wolf Choir Untitled #4 (Take #3)
73 Sombulance Gauze
74 Strange Day (3) A Punk Song
75 The Candidates (4) 24
76 Ben KP Smith Maidstone
77 Robolint In The Event Of An Emergency
78 Taking Chase Have A Good Time All The Time
79 Toxic Waste Monkeys Average Joe
80 The Meenies All I Want For Christmas Is A Stephen Hawking Voice Box
81 Half Dead Bodies Tidaress
82 Mr Kamikaze And The Management* 39th
83 The Grizzley Ends Knife Fight
84 Swound! Knock Knock
85 Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man Vuz Lightyear
86 Punch Puppet (2) Traitor
87 Keyside Strike Lies
88 choDe (2) My French Exchange
89 The Ill Bodies How Much Would You Pay To Be Bill Oddie For A Day?
90 W.O.R.M. (2) Dave Does Drugs
91 Smilex Small Package
92 Duty Free (6) Trust You
93 Immoral (2) Critics
94 aflightoremember Bones
95 Cheap Regrets Don't Hold Me To It
96 Bastion (6) Phthiriasis
97 Dad's Bad News Second Guess
98 The Cunts (I'm Gonna Give You) A Shoeing
99 And Now We're Even To All The D.I.Y. Bands


Inspired by Short Music For Short People, with 99 bands doing 30(ish) second songs.