Various ‎– Putrified Annals (Chap. 2)

Cassette, Limited Edition


A1 Infected Pussy Split Tape With: Terminal 8 / Oral Climax / Disobay (Y Rec.)
A2 Infected Pussy Split Tape With: Squash Bowels (Necrophile Prod.)
A3 Infected Pussy Split Tape With: Putride Defecation / Gronibard / Carnack Attack (Ar Glazik Fallakr)
A4 Infected Pussy Split CD: Desecrator / CSSO (Necrophile Prod.)
A5 Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition Split CD With Rot (Bones Brigade Prod.)
A6 Salade De Poux Split Tape With Buzhuk (Ar Glazik Fallakr)
A7 Meat Paunch Mafia Demo (Infected Area Dist)
A8 Inhumate CD 99
A9 Inhumate Split Tape Live With Maggot Shoes
A10 Desecrator Demo
A11 Desecrator Split Tape With Unholy Grave (Necrophile P.)
A12 Desecrator Split CD With: Infected Pussy / CSSO (N. Prod)
A13 Earth For Sale Demo
A14 Omnivorus Split Tape With: The Violet Grind / The End (Riposte Rec.)
A15 Visceral Strangulation Upcoming 4-Way Tape (Putrified Annals)
A16 Running Guts Split MiniCD With Mindflair (Bones Brigade Prod.)
A17 Dogmatic State Demo (Infected Area)
A18 Morgue (2) Upcoming 4-Way Tape (P.V Prod.)
A19 Morgue (2) Mini CD (Razor Back Rec)
A20 Morgue (2) CD (Ablated Rec)
A21 Beer Vomit Demo (Impaler Of Trendies Prod.)
A22 Splatter* Demo (Infected Area)
A23 Soldableurkthal Demo
A24 Putride Defecation 2 Sonx From Split Tape With: Infected Pussy / Gronibard / Carnack Attack (Ar Glazik Fallakr)
A25 Gronibard Demo (Mib Prod)
A26 Gronibard Split Tape With: PD / IP / CA
A27 Vomit For Breakfast* 2 Sonx From Split 7''EP With Autoritar (Bad Card Rec)
A28 Vomit For Breakfast* 2 Sonx From Split 7''EP With Ema Ho (Murder Rec)
B1 Blood Suckers New Trax
B2 Suffocate Exit 64 Tape (Erebos Prod)
B3 Gorerotted Her Gash I Did Slash MCD
B4 Lividity Show Us Your Tits ''Live'' CD (United Gutteral Rec)
B5 Pissed Cunt 2 Trax From Split Tape With Depresy Mouse / OPS PSF
B6 Tumour Rancid Deformities Demo (Mangled Maggots Stew Rec)
B7 Blower Split Tape With Wadge (Bifta)
B8 Autophagia 4 Trax From Split Tape With Neuropathia
B9 Sanitys Dawn Vomiting Live Tape
B10 Clutter Demo ''Ghoul''
B11 Cock And Ball Torture 2 Sonx From MCD
B12 Cock And Ball Torture Split 7''EP With Squash Bowels (Bizzare Leprous Prod)
B13 Agathocles Razor Sharp Daggers Tape (Tumult Prod)
B14 Agathocles Split 7''EP With Abstain (Uxicon Rec)
B15 Neuropathia Up Coming Split CD With Vampire Motives (Bizzare Leprous Prod)
B16 Cerebral Turbulency Forces Closing Down CD
B17 Gods Of Emptiness 2 Sonx From Disobedience CD
B18 Noise Migraanaaa* Special Sonx ''Tod Und Verderben'' Thanx Heiko!!


Limited edition of 150 copies.