Various ‎– Qui Es-Tu Toi?

RFI ‎– ARC 40-41
2 × Vinyl, LP


A1 Unknown Artist L'Alouette 0:45
A2 Lamine Konte* Flutistes Tamberna 2:10
A3 Daniel Hecht Willow 2:10
A4 Gavin Bryars The English Mailcoast 0:30
A5 Unknown Artist Rythmes Kotokolis 3:15
A6 Gunther Schuller Fantasy 3:15
A7 Unknown Artist Pendet 0:20
A8 Hans Holewa Concertino III 5:20
A9 Unknown Artist Ensemble De Flutes 0:45
A10 Jean-Baptiste Loeillet Sonate 1:20
A11 Jose Luis Campena Nexus 83 1:10
A12 Unknown Artist Solo De Toum 0:45
A13 Ying Yang Klassik 1:30
A14 Unknown Artist Thumb 0:20
A15 Michael Obst Metal Drop 4:30
B1 Anton Kontra Myggedans 0:45
B2 Unknown Artist Oboe Solo 0:30
B3 Karel Reiner Saznarmy 2:10
B4 Aiyb Dieng Le Grand Sorcier 2:10
B5 Unknown Artist Thumb 0:20
B6 Kazimierz Serocki Arrangements 4:40
B7 Unknown Artist Ouatchunt 0:20
B8 Tomita Snowflakes Are Dancing 3:00
B9 Fela Kuti Suffering Are Shmiling 0:40
B10 Unknown Artist Flute Solo 2:00
B11 Joëlle Léandre Basses Profondes 1:10
B12 Unknown Artist Musical Bow 2:00
B13 John Zorn Enoken 3:30
B14 Tony Coe Allair Mets 3:40
C1 José Pivin Opera Du Cameroun 0:45
C2 Yves Robert A Cause D'Une Valise Bleue 5:00
C3 Barbizet General Lavina Eccentric 5:00
C4 Chemirani* Improvisation A 4 Temps 7:00
C5 Pramod Kumar Dhun 7:00
C6 Tilo Medek Lerina I 0:35
C7 Unknown Artist Dance Des Montagnes 2:15
C8 Unknown Artist Flute Duet 1:00
C9 M.Torres El Rey De Los Pajaros 2:20
C10 Unknown Artist Solo De Calebasse 2:20
C11 Unknown Artist Lukambi 3:00
C12 Unknown Artist Rick Cox Necessity 3:00
C13 Tilo Medek Schattenspiele 2:30
C14 Michael Jon Fink Celesta Solo 2:30
D1 Unknown Artist Technique De Synthese 0:30
D2 Unknown Artist Chul Pungryu 0:50
D3 Unknown Artist Saugryongsan 1:40
D4 Richard Tinti 4 An Afternoon 1:40
D5 Unknown Artist Reed Clarinet Solo 2:30
D6 Unknown Artist Trumpet Solo 1:00
D7 Ilhan Mimaroglu Music One For Violon Solo 0:50
D8 Unknown Artist Rurambo 0:30
D9 Robert Schröder Slaves Of Civilisation 2:00
D10 Unknown Artist Procession And Dance With The Corpse 3:00
D11 Richard Teitelbaum Blends 0:45
D12 Unknown Artist Lolit Part 1 1:25
D13 Unknown Artist Bapende Xylophone 0:20
D14 Jean-Yves Bosseur Foules 2:05
D15 Unknown Artist BamBala 0:50
D16 Unknown Artist Ville 0:15
D17 Francis Poulenc Carillon 0:45
D18 Arne Nordheim Ohm For Lure And Tape 2:40



Record out of commerce. For radiophonic use only.