1-1 Yannis Kyriakides As They Step Into The Same Rivers
1-2 Billy Gomberg + Offthesky* Wailing Walls
1-3 Vertex (7) Blue Shift
1-4 Ben Frost Leo Needs A New Pair Of Shoes
1-5 Uské Orchestra Pel-pon
1-6 Alexander Volodin Different Things, The Faucet
1-7 v4w.enko Shape Distance
1-8 Franck Vigroux Police
1-9 Alexandre De Saint-Onge* L'immonde
1-10 Jo Thomas Alpha
1-11 Tribraque Part. 5
2-1 Olivia Louvel Doll Maker
2-2 Notic Nastic Secret Life
2-3 Khan feat. Brigitte Fontaine Fine Mouche
2-4 Dokaka Ha Ta Gli La To
2-5 Phantogram As Far As I Can See
2-6 Edh Ramble
2-7 Sturqen Kik11
2-8 Cobra Killer Hello Celebrity
2-9 Kabutogani Clave
2-10 Ryoji Ikeda Dataphonics 10 Structure
2-11 Elastik feat. Black Sifichi Magnetik
3-1 Caribou Found Out
3-2 The Chap Nevertheless, The Chap
3-3 Daniel Meteo The Beat Of The Heart
3-4 Paral-lel Rabbit
3-5 Aoki Takamasa Rn5-09
3-6 Erol Alkan & Boys Noize Avalanche
3-7 Xenia Beliayeva Mind Damage
3-8 Charanjit Singh Raga Bhairav
3-9 Anthony 'Shake' Shakir* The Floor Filler
3-10 I Cani Campane
3-11 Neurov Tear
3-12 Imminent Bock



Comes in a digipak.

Includes nominated tracks for the categories "Album", "Experimentation/Research", "Discovery", "Track" and "Dancefloor" categories of the 7th Qwartz Electronic Music Awards.

Given away to visitors of the opening ceremony on April 1, 2011.

℗+© qwartz 2011.