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Meakusma ‎– RÜTS 4, Ampoule ‎– RÜTS 4
24 × File, WAV
All Media, Compilation

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Audio Video Section
DVD-01 Bachel Casualty 606
Other [Video By] – Ego (20)
DVD-02 Kinora Viewer The Aral Sea
Other [Video By] – Anders Eideberg
DVD-03 Kate Simko Quiet Daydream
Other [Video By] – Lavamatic
DVD-04 Valyom Mermaids
Other [Video By] – Olga Mink
DVD-05 Roger 23 No Movement In A Cycle
Other [Video By] – Kris Clijsters
DVD-06 Terrence Dixon Emergency
Other [Video By] – Chris Parks
DVD-07 Move D & Benjamin Brunn Vorhaus
Other [Video By] – Defasten
DVD-08 Kid Whisky Hypernation
Other [Video By] – Stefan Landrock
DVD-09 Rezkar Vivid
Other [Video By] – Darren Culley
DVD-10 Clatterbox Low Maintenance
Other [Video By] – Mostardesign
DVD-11 Morthen Kiang Dubfunk 050
Other [Video By] – Humanstudio
DVD-12 Even Tuell Thanden Strakk
Other [Video By] – Visual Kitchen
DVD-13 Immer.Chic The End Of Eternity
Other [Video By] – Institut Götze
DVD-14 Benjamin Brunn 77
Other [Video By] – Dirk Ignoul
DVD-15 Wang Inc. Deep Sea Dancing
Other [Video By] – Basmati
DVD-16 Trifonic Parks On Fire
Other [Video By] – Scott Pagano
DVD-17 Ana L. Intrudr Fuomm Id
Other [Video By] – Ewo
DVD-18 Herrmutt Lobby Pink
Other [Video By] – Ludwig Kuckartz
DVD-19 Rony & Suzy Moqdah
Other [Video By] – Lorenzo Oggiano
DVD-20 Pub Blackout
Other [Video By] – Made In Hummingbird
DVD-21 Peter Van Hoesen Lto Mess [Visual Version]
Other [Video By] – Ariane Geil
DVD-22 Roebin de Freitas Webs Made Of Nylon
Other [Video By] – Man Vs Magnet
DVD-23 Subjex Oldfun
Other [Video By] – Les Agents Myop
Short Film Section
DVD-24 Renascent Archetype 2:56
DVD-25 Robert Seidel E 3 2:56
DVD-26 Peppermelon Tears & Co 1:54
DVD-27 Boris Debackere Brecht Debackere Rotor 2 8:52
DVD-28 Axel Brötje Fische & Schiffe 8:25
Bonus Data Section
WAV-01 Bachel Casualty 606 4:19
WAV-02 Kinora Viewer The Aral Sea 4:50
WAV-03 Kate Simko Quiet Daydream 5:58
WAV-04 Valyom Mermaids 3:28
WAV-05 Roger 23 No Movement In A Cycle 6:28
WAV-06 Terrence Dixon Emergency 5:03
WAV-07 Move D & Benjamin Brunn Vorhaus 4:13
WAV-08 Kid Whisky Hypernation 7:13
WAV-09 Rezkar Vivid 5:34
WAV-10 Clatterbox Low Maintenance 5:47
WAV-11 Morthen Kiang Dubfunk 050 4:10
WAV-12 Vakula We Shall Dance 4:56
WAV-13 Even Tuell Thanden Strakk 5:59
WAV-14 Immer.Chic The End Of Eternity 4:09
WAV-15 Benjamin Brunn 77 4:47
WAV-16 Wang Inc. Deep Sea Dancing 4:38
WAV-17 Trifonic Parks On Fire 8:02
WAV-18 Ana L. Intrudr Fuomm Id 4:06
WAV-19 Herrmutt Lobby Pink 6:02
WAV-20 Rony & Suzy Moqdah 4:20
WAV-21 Pub Blackout 3:45
WAV-22 Peter Van Hoesen Lto Mess» [Visual Version] 3:25
WAV-23 Roebin de Freitas Webs Made Of Nylon 3:51
WAV-24 Subjex Oldfun 3:16


  • ArtworkYko
  • Mastered ByRashad Becker
  • Other [Dvd Programming] – Digiparc


23 music videos / 5 short films / 1 poster / 24 .wav to drag & drop / PAL / Stereo / Region Free



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January 16, 2009

First of all i have to say WOW & Congratulations to Meakusma & Ampoule Records.

This is one beautifully packaged & well thought out DVD/CD compilation of artists familiar & unfamiliar, with spellbinding videos that align so well with their audio counterparts.

Amazing music from start to finish, ranging from shoe-gazing tracks like The Aral Sea by Kinora Viewer to amazing videos by ego for Bachel's Casualty 606; this video particularly standing out with visuals of a dark German forest with angelic type creatures reacting to the light teasing through the trees & the creatures' eventual disintegration to tiny birds fluttering away. A sheer mesmerizing delight to watch amongst Bachel's drone like sounds & eerie chords perfectly matched.

This is just one review of what is an amazing collection of talent.

DVD Menus & overall pacakage design is faultless.
The fact that you get 23 videos ranging from Techno of Terence Dixon & Pub to more eclectic jazz workings of Vakula (Bonus on WAV file).
Clatterbox's amazing 'Low Maintenance' track (from Ruts 1) & Rezkar's deep house sleeper 'Vivid' is worth it alone. I really could just ramble on but I'll leave that to someone else to point out :)

A real visual/audio treat & exemplary work from all the visual artists who contributed to this release, evidently carefully chosen here.

Meakusma is really proving itself to be a great label & one to ardently watch out for from 2009 onwards. Twinned with a great partnership with the superb Ampoule Records label too would have most purists salivating.
With the 3 'Ruts' releases (the tracks on here reflect almost if not all tracks from the releases) already in the bag & receiving praise, this is a great addition to the DVD/Music shelf & worth repeated listens.

So...Sit back & recline to the divine

Top Job Meakusma..More i say!