Various ‎– RNDTXT

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01 Alex Young Vicimus GEGAN 5:32
02 Bjorn Eriksson Ramona 2:40
03 Bjorn Eriksson Ramona1.avi 0:08
04 Bjorn Eriksson Ramona2.avi 0:09
05 Bjorn Eriksson Ramona3.avi 1:28
06 Brian Klein Rndm 3:13
07 Carl Kruger 2m3s 2:03
08 Cjitter Poesía For RNDTXT 2:46
09 Dan Hendricks Rancho Gatekeep Plenty 3:47
10 Etch SF 2602 4 5:03
11 Glenn Bach Glacier Libretto 2:22
12 Owen Green Owen Green RndTxt 3:51
13 Spagirus Upspamcut 6:11
14 Terrence Winthorp Rndtxtsong 5:00
15 Tofu Babble On 1:12


this project is based on a new kind of spam people are getting these days...the use of random text embedded into an email is meant to confuse spam email filters (Bayesian filters?)...I have been collecting spam for a couple of years now (images and text) so I can use the content in my projects...I consider any unsolicited spam sent to me as free to use/open source content...

I took 4 or 5 months worth of spam that contained random text and constructed a single text file containing all of it...

here are the stats on the text file:

17,332 words
chars (sans spaces) 125,810
chars (w/spaces) 143,187
145,270K in size

This project is not constrained to being a music/sound project and is focused primarily on using data sets to create artwork.