Various ‎– RRR-1000 Lock Grooves

RRRecords ‎– RRR-1000
Vinyl, LP, Compilation


A1 RLW Untitled
A2 RLW Untitled
A3 RLW Untitled
A4 RLW Untitled
A5 RLW Untitled
A6 RLW Untitled
A7 RLW Untitled
A8 RLW Untitled
A9 RLW Untitled
A10 RLW Untitled
A11 RLW Untitled
A12 RLW Untitled
A13 RLW Untitled
A14 RLW Untitled
A15 RLW Untitled
A16 RLW Untitled
A17 RLW Untitled
A18 RLW Untitled
A19 RLW Untitled
A20 RLW Untitled
A21 RLW Untitled
A22 RLW Untitled
A23 RLW Untitled
A24 RLW Untitled
A25 RLW Untitled
A26 RLW Untitled
A27 RLW Untitled
A28 RLW Untitled
A29 RLW Untitled
A30 RLW Untitled
A31 RLW Untitled
A32 RLW Untitled
A33 RLW Untitled
A34 RLW Untitled
A35 RLW Untitled
A36 RLW Untitled
A37 RLW Untitled
A38 RLW Untitled
A39 RLW Untitled
A40 RLW Untitled
A41 RLW Untitled
A42 RLW Untitled
A43 RLW Untitled
A44 RLW Untitled
A45 RLW Untitled
A46 RLW Untitled
A47 RLW Untitled
A48 RLW Untitled
A49 RLW Untitled
A50 RLW Untitled
A51 Prurient Untitled
A52 Prurient Untitled
A53 Prurient Untitled
A54 Prurient Untitled
A55 Prurient Untitled
A56 Prurient Untitled
A57 Prurient Untitled
A58 Prurient Untitled
A59 Prurient Untitled
A60 Prurient Untitled
A61 Prurient Untitled
A62 Prurient Untitled
A63 Prurient Untitled
A64 Prurient Untitled
A65 Prurient Untitled
A66 Prurient Untitled
A67 Prurient Untitled
A68 Prurient Untitled
A69 Prurient Untitled
A70 Prurient Untitled
A71 Prurient Untitled
A72 Prurient Untitled
A73 Prurient Untitled
A74 Prurient Untitled
A75 Prurient Untitled
A76 Prurient Untitled
A77 Prurient Untitled
A78 Prurient Untitled
A79 Prurient Untitled
A80 Prurient Untitled
A81 Prurient Untitled
A82 Prurient Untitled
A83 Prurient Untitled
A84 Prurient Untitled
A85 Prurient Untitled
A86 Prurient Untitled
A87 Prurient Untitled
A88 Prurient Untitled
A89 Prurient Untitled
A90 Prurient Untitled
A91 Prurient Untitled
A92 Prurient Untitled
A93 Prurient Untitled
A94 Prurient Untitled
A95 Prurient Untitled
A96 Prurient Untitled
A97 Prurient Untitled
A98 Prurient Untitled
A99 Prurient Untitled
A100 Prurient Untitled
A101 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A102 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A103 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A104 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A105 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A106 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A107 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A108 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A109 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A110 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A111 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A112 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A113 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A114 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A115 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A116 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A117 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A118 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A119 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A120 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A121 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A122 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A123 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A124 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A125 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A126 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A127 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A128 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A129 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A130 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A131 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A132 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A133 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A134 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A135 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A136 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A137 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A138 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A139 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A140 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A141 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A142 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A143 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A144 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A145 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A146 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A147 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A148 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A149 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A150 Kevin Drumm Untitled
A151 Incapacitants Untitled
A152 Incapacitants Untitled
A153 Incapacitants Untitled
A154 Incapacitants Untitled
A155 Incapacitants Untitled
A156 Incapacitants Untitled
A157 Incapacitants Untitled
A158 Incapacitants Untitled
A159 Incapacitants Untitled
A160 Incapacitants Untitled
A161 Incapacitants Untitled
A162 Incapacitants Untitled
A163 Incapacitants Untitled
A164 Incapacitants Untitled
A165 Incapacitants Untitled
A166 Incapacitants Untitled
A167 Incapacitants Untitled
A168 Incapacitants Untitled
A169 Incapacitants Untitled
A170 Incapacitants Untitled
A171 Incapacitants Untitled
A172 Incapacitants Untitled
A173 Incapacitants Untitled
A174 Incapacitants Untitled
A175 Incapacitants Untitled
A176 Incapacitants Untitled
A177 Incapacitants Untitled
A178 Incapacitants Untitled
A179 Incapacitants Untitled
A180 Incapacitants Untitled
A181 Incapacitants Untitled
A182 Incapacitants Untitled
A183 Incapacitants Untitled
A184 Incapacitants Untitled
A185 Incapacitants Untitled
A186 Incapacitants Untitled
A187 Incapacitants Untitled
A188 Incapacitants Untitled
A189 Incapacitants Untitled
A190 Incapacitants Untitled
A191 Incapacitants Untitled
A192 Incapacitants Untitled
A193 Incapacitants Untitled
A194 Incapacitants Untitled
A195 Incapacitants Untitled
A196 Incapacitants Untitled
A197 Incapacitants Untitled
A198 Incapacitants Untitled
A199 Incapacitants Untitled
A200 Incapacitants Untitled
A201 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A202 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A203 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A204 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A205 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A206 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A207 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A208 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A209 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A210 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A211 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A212 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A213 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A214 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A215 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A216 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A217 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A218 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A219 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A220 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A221 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A222 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A223 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A224 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A225 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A226 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A227 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A228 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A229 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A230 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A231 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A232 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A233 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A234 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A235 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A236 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A237 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A238 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A239 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A240 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A241 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A242 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A243 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A244 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A245 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A246 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A247 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A248 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A249 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A250 Lasse Marhaug Untitled
A251 Sudden Infant Untitled
A252 Sudden Infant Untitled
A253 Sudden Infant Untitled
A254 Sudden Infant Untitled
A255 Sudden Infant Untitled
A256 Sudden Infant Untitled
A257 Sudden Infant Untitled
A258 Sudden Infant Untitled
A259 Sudden Infant Untitled
A260 Sudden Infant Untitled
A261 Sudden Infant Untitled
A262 Sudden Infant Untitled
A263 Sudden Infant Untitled
A264 Sudden Infant Untitled
A265 Sudden Infant Untitled
A266 Sudden Infant Untitled
A267 Sudden Infant Untitled
A268 Sudden Infant Untitled
A269 Sudden Infant Untitled
A270 Sudden Infant Untitled
A271 Sudden Infant Untitled
A272 Sudden Infant Untitled
A273 Sudden Infant Untitled
A274 Sudden Infant Untitled
A275 Sudden Infant Untitled
A276 Sudden Infant Untitled
A277 Sudden Infant Untitled
A278 Sudden Infant Untitled
A279 Sudden Infant Untitled
A280 Sudden Infant Untitled
A281 Sudden Infant Untitled
A282 Sudden Infant Untitled
A283 Sudden Infant Untitled
A284 Sudden Infant Untitled
A285 Sudden Infant Untitled
A286 Sudden Infant Untitled
A287 Sudden Infant Untitled
A288 Sudden Infant Untitled
A289 Sudden Infant Untitled
A290 Sudden Infant Untitled
A291 Sudden Infant Untitled
A292 Sudden Infant Untitled
A293 Sudden Infant Untitled
A294 Sudden Infant Untitled
A295 Sudden Infant Untitled
A296 Sudden Infant Untitled
A297 Sudden Infant Untitled
A298 Sudden Infant Untitled
A299 Sudden Infant Untitled
A300 Sudden Infant Untitled
A301 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A302 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A303 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A304 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A305 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A306 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A307 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A308 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A309 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A310 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A311 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A312 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A313 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A314 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A315 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A316 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A317 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A318 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A319 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A320 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A321 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A322 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A323 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A324 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A325 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A326 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A327 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A328 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A329 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A330 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A331 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A332 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A333 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A334 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A335 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A336 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A337 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A338 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A339 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A340 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A341 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A342 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A343 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A344 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A345 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A346 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A347 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A348 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A349 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A350 Carlos Giffoni Untitled
A351 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A352 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A353 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A354 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A355 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A356 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A357 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A358 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A359 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A360 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A361 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A362 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A363 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A364 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A365 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A366 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A367 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A368 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A369 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A370 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A371 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A372 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A373 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A374 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A375 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A376 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A377 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A378 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A379 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A380 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A381 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A382 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A383 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A384 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A385 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A386 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A387 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A388 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A389 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A390 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A391 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A392 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A393 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A394 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A395 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A396 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A397 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A398 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A399 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A400 Keith Fullerton Whitman Untitled
A401 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A402 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A403 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A404 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A405 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A406 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A407 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A408 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A409 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A410 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A411 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A412 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A413 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A414 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A415 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A416 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A417 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A418 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A419 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A420 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A421 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A422 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A423 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A424 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A425 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A426 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A427 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A428 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A429 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A430 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A431 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A432 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A433 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A434 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A435 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A436 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A437 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A438 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A439 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A440 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A441 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A442 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A443 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A444 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A445 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A446 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A447 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A448 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A449 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A450 C. Spencer Yeh Untitled
A451 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A452 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A453 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A454 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A455 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A456 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A457 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A458 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A459 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A460 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A461 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A462 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A463 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A464 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A465 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A466 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A467 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A468 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A469 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A470 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A471 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A472 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A473 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A474 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A475 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A476 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A477 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A478 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A479 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A480 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A481 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A482 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A483 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A484 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A485 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A486 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A487 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A488 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A489 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A490 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A491 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A492 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A493 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A494 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A495 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A496 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A497 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A498 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A499 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
A500 Francisco Lopez* Untitled
B1 The New Blockaders Untitled
B2 The New Blockaders Untitled
B3 The New Blockaders Untitled
B4 The New Blockaders Untitled
B5 The New Blockaders Untitled
B6 The New Blockaders Untitled
B7 The New Blockaders Untitled
B8 The New Blockaders Untitled
B9 The New Blockaders Untitled
B10 The New Blockaders Untitled
B11 The New Blockaders Untitled
B12 The New Blockaders Untitled
B13 The New Blockaders Untitled
B14 The New Blockaders Untitled
B15 The New Blockaders Untitled
B16 The New Blockaders Untitled
B17 The New Blockaders Untitled
B18 The New Blockaders Untitled
B19 The New Blockaders Untitled
B20 The New Blockaders Untitled
B21 The New Blockaders Untitled
B22 The New Blockaders Untitled
B23 The New Blockaders Untitled
B24 The New Blockaders Untitled
B25 The New Blockaders Untitled
B26 The New Blockaders Untitled
B27 The New Blockaders Untitled
B28 The New Blockaders Untitled
B29 The New Blockaders Untitled
B30 The New Blockaders Untitled
B31 The New Blockaders Untitled
B32 The New Blockaders Untitled
B33 The New Blockaders Untitled
B34 The New Blockaders Untitled
B35 The New Blockaders Untitled
B36 The New Blockaders Untitled
B37 The New Blockaders Untitled
B38 The New Blockaders Untitled
B39 The New Blockaders Untitled
B40 The New Blockaders Untitled
B41 The New Blockaders Untitled
B42 The New Blockaders Untitled
B43 The New Blockaders Untitled
B44 The New Blockaders Untitled
B45 The New Blockaders Untitled
B46 The New Blockaders Untitled
B47 The New Blockaders Untitled
B48 The New Blockaders Untitled
B49 The New Blockaders Untitled
B50 The New Blockaders Untitled
B51 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B52 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B53 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B54 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B55 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B56 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B57 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B58 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B59 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B60 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B61 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B62 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B63 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B64 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B65 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B66 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B67 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B68 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B69 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B70 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B71 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B72 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B73 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B74 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B75 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B76 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B77 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B78 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B79 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B80 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B81 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B82 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B83 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B84 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B85 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B86 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B87 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B88 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B89 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B90 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B91 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B92 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B93 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B94 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B95 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B96 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B97 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B98 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B99 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B100 GX Jupitter-Larsen Untitled
B101 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B102 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B103 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B104 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B105 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B106 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B107 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B108 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B109 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B110 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B111 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B112 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B113 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B114 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B115 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B116 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B117 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B118 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B119 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B120 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B121 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B122 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B123 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B124 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B125 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B126 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B127 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B128 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B129 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B130 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B131 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B132 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B133 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B134 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B135 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B136 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B137 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B138 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B139 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B140 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B141 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B142 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B143 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B144 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B145 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B146 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B147 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B148 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B149 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B150 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B151 Damion Romero Untitled
B152 Damion Romero Untitled
B153 Damion Romero Untitled
B154 Damion Romero Untitled
B155 Damion Romero Untitled
B156 Damion Romero Untitled
B157 Damion Romero Untitled
B158 Damion Romero Untitled
B159 Damion Romero Untitled
B160 Damion Romero Untitled
B161 Damion Romero Untitled
B162 Damion Romero Untitled
B163 Damion Romero Untitled
B164 Damion Romero Untitled
B165 Damion Romero Untitled
B166 Damion Romero Untitled
B167 Damion Romero Untitled
B168 Damion Romero Untitled
B169 Damion Romero Untitled
B170 Damion Romero Untitled
B171 Damion Romero Untitled
B172 Damion Romero Untitled
B173 Damion Romero Untitled
B174 Damion Romero Untitled
B175 Damion Romero Untitled
B176 Damion Romero Untitled
B177 Damion Romero Untitled
B178 Damion Romero Untitled
B179 Damion Romero Untitled
B180 Damion Romero Untitled
B181 Damion Romero Untitled
B182 Damion Romero Untitled
B183 Damion Romero Untitled
B184 Damion Romero Untitled
B185 Damion Romero Untitled
B186 Damion Romero Untitled
B187 Damion Romero Untitled
B188 Damion Romero Untitled
B189 Damion Romero Untitled
B190 Damion Romero Untitled
B191 Damion Romero Untitled
B192 Damion Romero Untitled
B193 Damion Romero Untitled
B194 Damion Romero Untitled
B195 Damion Romero Untitled
B196 Damion Romero Untitled
B197 Damion Romero Untitled
B198 Damion Romero Untitled
B199 Damion Romero Untitled
B200 Damion Romero Untitled
B201 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B202 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B203 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B204 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B205 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B206 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B207 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B208 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B209 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B210 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B211 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B212 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B213 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B214 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B215 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B216 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B217 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B218 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B219 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B220 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B221 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B222 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B223 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B224 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B225 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B226 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B227 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B228 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B229 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B230 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B231 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B232 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B233 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B234 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B235 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B236 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B237 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B238 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B239 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B240 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B241 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B242 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B243 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B244 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B245 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B246 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B247 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B248 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B249 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B250 Aaron Dilloway Untitled
B251 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B252 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B253 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B254 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B255 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B256 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B257 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B258 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B259 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B260 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B261 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B262 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B263 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B264 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B265 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B266 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B267 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B268 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B269 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B270 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B271 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B272 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B273 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B274 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B275 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B276 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B277 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B278 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B279 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B280 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B281 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B282 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B283 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B284 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B285 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B286 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B287 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B288 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B289 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B290 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B291 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B292 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B293 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B294 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B295 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B296 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B297 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B298 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B299 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B300 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B301 AMK Untitled
B302 AMK Untitled
B303 AMK Untitled
B304 AMK Untitled
B305 AMK Untitled
B306 AMK Untitled
B307 AMK Untitled
B308 AMK Untitled
B309 AMK Untitled
B310 AMK Untitled
B311 AMK Untitled
B312 AMK Untitled
B313 AMK Untitled
B314 AMK Untitled
B315 AMK Untitled
B316 AMK Untitled
B317 AMK Untitled
B318 AMK Untitled
B319 AMK Untitled
B320 AMK Untitled
B321 AMK Untitled
B322 AMK Untitled
B323 AMK Untitled
B324 AMK Untitled
B325 AMK Untitled
B326 AMK Untitled
B327 AMK Untitled
B328 AMK Untitled
B329 AMK Untitled
B330 AMK Untitled
B331 AMK Untitled
B332 AMK Untitled
B333 AMK Untitled
B334 AMK Untitled
B335 AMK Untitled
B336 AMK Untitled
B337 AMK Untitled
B338 AMK Untitled
B339 AMK Untitled
B340 AMK Untitled
B341 AMK Untitled
B342 AMK Untitled
B343 AMK Untitled
B344 AMK Untitled
B345 AMK Untitled
B346 AMK Untitled
B347 AMK Untitled
B348 AMK Untitled
B349 AMK Untitled
B350 AMK Untitled
B351 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B352 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B353 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B354 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B355 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B356 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B357 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B358 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B359 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B360 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B361 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B362 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B363 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B364 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B365 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B366 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B367 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B368 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B369 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B370 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B371 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B372 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B373 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B374 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B375 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B376 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B377 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B378 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B379 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B380 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B381 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B382 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B383 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B384 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B385 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B386 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B387 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B388 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B389 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B390 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B391 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B392 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B393 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B394 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B395 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B396 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B397 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B398 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B399 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B400 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
B401 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B402 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B403 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B404 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B405 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B406 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B407 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B408 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B409 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B410 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B411 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B412 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B413 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B414 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B415 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B416 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B417 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B418 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B419 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B420 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B421 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B422 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B423 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B424 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B425 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B426 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B427 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B428 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B429 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B430 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B431 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B432 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B433 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B434 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B435 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B436 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B437 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B438 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B439 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B440 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B441 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B442 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B443 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B444 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B445 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B446 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B447 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B448 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B449 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B450 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Untitled
B451 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B452 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B453 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B454 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B455 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B456 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B457 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B458 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B459 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B460 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B461 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B462 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B463 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B464 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B465 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B466 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B467 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B468 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B469 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B470 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B471 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B472 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B473 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B474 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B475 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B476 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B477 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B478 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B479 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B480 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B481 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B482 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B483 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B484 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B485 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B486 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B487 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B488 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B489 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B490 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B491 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B492 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B493 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B494 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B495 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B496 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B497 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B498 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B499 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled
B500 Thomas Dimuzio Untitled

Companies, etc.



20 artists - 50 grooves each.
Each copy has unique custom artwork (reused sleeves with cuttings pasted/duct taped on).
Mastering at Aardvark

An one-sided note is included:
"This is a 1000 lock-groove LP, 500 per side - while I was listening to it at home, I noticed some of the grooves were untrackable, the needle would jump to the next groove - I don't know if this is from the mastering, the pressing, or the turntable sensitivity but I certainly hope you don't encounter this same problem - if this copy should track only 990 lock-grooves, then please accept my apologies for the inconvenience

BEST - Ron"

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A): RRR-1000-A 1111101000 3E84
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B): RRR-1000-B K. Bayens Paul 1111101000 3E8


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November 25, 2019
About the untrackable groove issue noted:

Some of the Jason Lecalleet grooves kind of mess with my needle. They still can be played, but my needle ends up jumping from groove to groove. I assume this is what Lessard was talking about.


March 24, 2018

RRR-1000 is a third installment in the RRRecords’ epic locked grooves saga. It all started with a groundbreaking and visionary RRR-100 in 1993 – one of the first ever ‘music’ (i.e. not a purely utilitarian DJ tool) records consisting entirely of locked grooves, and unprecedented compilation with one hundred individual artists sharing a 7-inch vinyl. Featuring some of the most prominent and critically acclaimed noise/experimental/industrial performers, as well as multiple RRRecords alumni, it became a cult classic, with over a dozen different editions and represses.

In 1998, Ron Lessard embarked on an even more ambitious and jaw-dropping project, a megalomaniac RRR 500 (Various 500 Lock-Grooves By 500 Artists) LP. This time, RRRecords brought together a whooping five hundred musicians to share a single long-playing record. Part sound installation and part conceptual sonic sculpture, RRR 500 also served as a captivating and always unpredictable listen. Despite an extremely short duration, many tracks proved to be legitimate and original artistic statements, vivid and inventive full-scale microcompositions. But just as many of them are barely noteworthy random blasts and bits of acoustic noise, abrupt instrumental samples, scraps of human voice, random radio transmissions, etc – pieces that can be only formally attributed to a particular author. To be conceptually complete, RRR 500 just had to have a different creator for each groove, and at times quality was sacrificed in favor of quantity. Curating a project with 500 participants from all over the world must’ve been an absolute logistic nightmare, so there are also reasonable doubts that at least some tracks were not commissioned or specifically recorded for the project, but merely sampled from pre-existing records, and not necessarily by a listed ‘author’ themselves.

As if pressing 500 individual tracks on one LP was not a crazy enough idea, on a roughly 10-year anniversary of the project, Lessard decided to double the stakes and presented a new record with 500 locked grooves on EACH side. Instead of making yet another ‘bulk collection,’ this time he designed RRR-1000 as a split single, and handpicked only 20 participants to record 50 locked grooves each. Most of them had appeared in previous two projects, and working with fifty loops vs a single 1.8-sec sound granule must’ve felt like ‘oceans of time.’ None of the artists need any introduction: Ralf Wehowsky, Jérôme Noetinger, Thomas Dimuzio, The New Blockaders, Francisco López, Kevin Drumm, Lasse Marhaug, Carlos Giffoni, Otomo Yoshihide, Incapacitants, Keith Fullerton Whitman, C. Spencer Yeh, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Jason Lescalleet – living legends and universally recognized colossi of noise/experimental/avant/freeform/lunatic fringe underground scene from Europe, United States, and Japan. Every single needle drop is worth it!

The only issue is that RRR-1000 came too close to actual physical limitations of the vinyl format. Just like a notorious Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture LP pressing with real cannon fire would literally blow the needle off the surface on many turntables, an extremely dense allocation of the grooves makes it practically impossible to listen to RRR-1000 in its entirety, or to pick a particular loop – whereas with RRR 500 it was tricky, but still doable. A disclaimer from Ron on the cover explains that ‘while I was listening to it at home, I noticed some of the grooves were untrackable, the needle would jump to the next groove – I don't know if this is from the mastering, the pressing, or the turntable sensitivity but I certainly hope you don't encounter this same problem – if this copy should track only 990 lock-grooves, then please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.’

For some reason, RRR-1000 seems like a least popular and sought-after record in this epic series. Perhaps a novelty of the idea had already worn off, or aforementioned technical issues make it less appealing as a ‘musical instrument’ and conceptual sampling tool. I believe this is one of the greatest albums ever produced by RRRecords, and an essential piece of international noise scene memorabilia just as valuable and seminal as RRR 500. Hand-assembled collage cover, unique for each copy, only makes it more fun to collect. Don’t miss brand new copies still available directly from monsieur Ron.