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1 Dharma 7 Inner-Spirits
Written-By – Dominic Sangeet, Marc Petric*
2 Shiva Chandra Trancetime
Written-By – Daniel Vernunft
3 Narcoter Spacestomper
Written-By – Ewald Pistner*
4 Cybersnack Inzenrock
Written-By – Cybersnack
5 Narcoter Venus
Written-By – Ewald Pistner*
6 Boombay Iquitos
Written-By – F.R.E.E., Stephen Howdon
7 Akasha Project Jumping Monk
Written-By – Barmin Schulze
8 Surya (3) 25th Lion
Written-By – Alfred Schäpers*
9 Jaffa Project Egyptian Magician
Written-By – Neerav*Written-by [Uncredited] – Olivier Abitbol

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Digitally mastered by Calyx Berlin.

The front cover also says "Benefit Tibet", and on the back of the front cover the story says:
"In 1950 China invaded Tibet. The Tibetans have calculated that 1,2 million have died as a result of the Chinese take-over. In 1959 the Dalai Lama was forced to flee his home and now travels the world gathering support for his people. The Tibetans believe in a non-violent struggle for freedom. The deserve all the help they can get. 50% of the profit of this CD will go to the Tibetan people, who lost everything, even basic things like homes, clothes, food and medication. You will help to prevent one of the oldest cultures of the world from disappearing."

"Peace On Earth"

(P) & (C) Paradise Production Berlin / Made in Germany

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July 26, 2018
edited 4 months ago

I have read the 2 extensive reviews below and I am listening to this Comp as I write this. First of all, first track by Dharma 7 is the only track on this comp that can be found somewhere else so that makes the tracks on this comp quite rare and very valuable if you are into them. If I end up buying this today, it will be quite expensive. Why would I or anyone else spend 100 plus for this comp? A couple reasons. One, you have to have an extreme passion and Love for Classic Goa Trance and dancing. Two, you have to have a passion for wanting to share it with others on the dance floor. Three, the music must be amazing. So is this music amazing? One reviewer says yes and one says no. Classic Goa Trance has a handful of vibes, tones and vibrations. Some people like Goa Trance that is more subtle with refined psychedelic sounds and patterns, cosmic washes and tribal beats. This type of music is more subtle and requires that you close your eyes on the dance floor so that you can go deep into the subtle patterns and rhythms within the songs. Dance then becomes moving meditation to go along with the dancing. For this to happen, the music has to be powerful and subtle at the same time. There is a very limited amount of this music available, but here on this comp you find a lot of it. Listen to the end of the Boombay cut [the last couple of minutes]. One of the most beautiful endings you will ever hear in a song. If you have just been pounded to hell by music that is " Crazy, explosive and insane} like the first reviewer mentioned, you will not have the subtlety of feeling and perception to feel the beauty of the more subtle sounds and narratives within some of the songs on this comp. Your heart will close up like a snail going back into it's shell and so you will not be capable of "feeling" what is going on in this music. Classic Goa Trance has music that is crazy, explosive and insane. It also has music that is twisted, dark, painful, harsh and harmful. "Trauma trance", as the last reviewer said, could be accurate in many cases. The music on this comp does not fall into those 2 categories, so if that is your thing, then this music on this comp will not resonate. For me, Goa Trance was originally designed to open up one's mind, heart and spirit to a higher vibration/octave within one's self. All of the music on this comp has the right vibration for the inner voyage and for me, this is what Goa Trance was originally designed for. This music is not the greatest hits of Goa Trance and if that is what you are looking for you will be disappointed. I am now listening to the last song on this comp and for me, this collection of music has been a truly amazing experience. I would say that this collection of songs is something a close friend, who has a deep passion for Classic Goa Trance, would give to a friend, who is also passionate about Classic Goa Trance. Often you have to know someone deep in the scene to gain access to beautiful and rare tracks like these. So thank you to Dominic Sangeet for putting this together. Dominic obviously knew something about the essence of Goa Trance when he compiled this 20+ years ago. Very Special music.



January 14, 2011

Though maroko's review (below) was long and detailed, i have to say, i disagree with his overall thesis of this CD being "an average compilation".

IMO, this is one of the best CDs of old school tribal and intensely psychedelic goa trance. The selection of tracks presented here are all masterpieces! Though not all of them may be dancefloor busters, this is, by FAR, one of the most intellectually stimulating albums I have come across. Several tracks are by relatively obscure artists (Narcoter, Boombay), but they are anything but 'fillers'. The Narcoter tracks are both truly super-psychedelicious !

Dharma 7 makes a super-RARE appearance on this compilation and comprise of none other than Dominic Sangeet (who also compiled and produced this CD) and Mark Petrik (aka Xenomorph). As might be expected by fans of Xenomorph's early work, this track REALLY REALLY stands out - what an intense way to open a CD, what a mood to set for the rest!! Truly indescriptible. Shiva Chandra up to bat next, with one of my absolute favourite SC tracks - Trancetime. Indeed this entire CD leaves you in nothing less than a powerful, passionate, concentrated, emotional, severe yet stimulating and blissful trance.

All in all, I would rate this CD solid 5/5 without a second thought ! Again to disagree with the previous reviewer, the tracks here have all aged well. The production sounds clean and nice even almost 15 years later (perhaps the reviewer didn't have a good quality copy). I would like to add a short disclaimer, that this CD is not for the faint of heart, and most likely would not be enjoyed by non-goatrance fans, or fans of the modern dancefloor-shaking "trauma-trance". This one is the REAL deal folks, true to the spirit and vibe that remains the foundation for goatrance !! Almost impossible to come by, I consider myself one of the lucky few to have a good copy !


April 30, 2010
edited over 8 years ago

Along with its downtempo counterpart "V/A Mahasiddhi - Paradise Ambient & Tribal Journey", "V/A Rabtu Gawa - Paradise Trance" was conceived as a compilation aimed at helping the Tibetan people in their ongoing struggle against the Chinese opressors. Now, as noble and praiseworthy as the idea and the initiative may be (and I do regret that I didn't buy this back in the day when I could have contributed a little something), at this point in time I am mainly focused on the music, which isn't all that to be honest. A combination between more established names on the scene (Shiva Chandra, Cybersnack and Akasha Project) and some one time contributors is not bad per se, but it won't stick with you in any particular way. Dare I say it, most of these tracks sound as if they were hastily gathered to fill a CD surface, even though there is nothing to complain about as far as the flow goes here. Most tracks have a tribal touch to them, none of them are crazy, explosive with insane, wall to wall climaxes, so do not buy this expecting to hear some fast & furious party material. The music all tends to follow the same pattern here; relatively layed back tracks with avreage melodies occassionally getting dipped in acid. Production vaults are pretty low, even for 1996 standards, and a vast majority of material here, if not all of it, has not aged with grace, somethings that cannot be said for some contemporary releases from the same era. Thing is, nine very similar tracks in a row can get tiresome, especially because not a single one displays that something extra which would differentiate it from the next. The unknown artists deliver tracks which are by no means good enough to place them on the map, and producers with plenty albums tucked under their belts like Shiva Chandra and Akasha Project don't bring anything that would up their game. I don't mind repetition and monotony, if what is being repeated is really excellent and captivating, and unfortunately, few things here, if any, can be described as catchy or memorable. This whole compilation never really picks up in pace or ideas, but then again then it never slows down or decreases in intensity either. It ends in the same way it started in, but I can vaguely remember anything I've heard in between.
That said, this is, plain and simple, an average compilation. Nothing extravagant, nothing dull. Just one of the many. Personally, I think it makes good background music when you're doing something that requires quite a bit of your attention. "Rabtu Gawa", despite fighting for a great cause through music, has a few setbacks which make me reluctant to recommend it with two thumbs up. One other thing to keep in mind is just how damn nearly impossible this one is to track down and purchase in its original form. Never mind it being expensive, first you have to find somebody somewhere willing to sell it! The way things are, this is an extremely rare compilation, with music I wouldn't say does justice to the cause, but then again you can't have it all, can you? If you are a casual listener, cross this one from your wantlist, like now. If you are just eager to get a firm grip on old school goa trance, steer clear from "Rabtu Gawa" and head straight for the classics and torrents of still widely available various artists compilations with tunes far more rewarding than the ones offered here.
Bottom line: send some money to the red cross in order to support the struggling tibetan people, but if quality goa trance is your primary interest, may I suggest carefully listening to this one over before making the purchase. But yes, I know, that is far easier said than done. Trust me, I know...