Various ‎– Ragamala Moring To Midnight Ragas Vol. 4 Afternoon Melodies

His Master's Voice ‎– STCS 048 7315, EMI ‎– none, The Gramophone Company Of India Ltd. ‎– none
Cassette, Album, Compilation


A1 Pandit Pannalal Ghosh* Raga Sarang - Teen Taal
A2 Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan* Raga Patdeep - Matt Taal & Teen Taal
B1 Ustad Bismillah Khan* Raga Madhuvanti - Teen Taal
B2 Pandit Nikhil Banerjee* Raga Mand - Teen Taal



SARNG , also known as "Brindabani Sarang" or " Brindabani" is an ancient and celebrated noon time "raga" "Odava" in structure , it omits "dha" and "re" from its scale , but employs both the variations of "ni". Slight use of "tiara ma" in "aroha" and "shuddha dha" in "avoroha" is made in some cases. "Re" and "pa" are the "vadi" and "samvadi swaras" , respectively.
PATDEEP , a melody of recent origin , is conventionally rendered in the fourth quarter of the day. It has an "odava-sampoorna" chacter, in which "re" and "dha" are omitted from "aroha".
It takes "komal grandhar" and "shuddha ni" in the scale , with "ma" as the "vadi" and "shadja" as the "samvadi" notes , respectively.
MADHUVANTI , also of recent origin , is associated with the fourth quarter of the day. Like "Patdeep" , it is "odava-sampoorna" , but makes us of "tiara ma" in the scale. "Re" and "pa" are the "vadi" and "samvadi" notes , respectively.
MAND , originating from the folk tradition of Rajastan , is light classical in its character and is , therefore , in vogue in several versions. Though designed for rendition in the late afternoon hours, it is mostly chosen to mark the "finale" of a recital by reason of its gay , sprightly mood, As a "raga", it is known to be "odava-sampoorna" , but "vakra" in its scale. "Sa" and "pa" are the "vadi"and the "samvadi" notes , respectively.