Various ‎– Razormaid Anniversary Nine-Point-Zero

Razormaid Records ‎– RM-CD-ANV9.0
10 × CD, Compilation
Box Set


R1-01 Sandra Hiroshima (Razormaid Mix) 6:38
R1-02 Mylène Farmer Pourvu Qu'elles Soient Douces (Razormaid Mix) 6:45
R1-03 Virgin (11) La Joie (Razormaid Mix) 6:29
R1-04 Enigma Voice Of Enigma Medley 8:41
R1-05 Marlene Sombre Desir (Razormaid Mix) 7:01
R1-06 Prayers Alleluja (Razormaid Mix) 6:23
R1-07 Trance Opera Maurice (Razormaid Mix) 6:22
R1-08 Peyote Shaman's Call (Razormaid Mix) 5:54
R1-09 Praise Only You (Razormaid Mix) 7:03
R1-10 Ofra Haza Galbi (Razormaid Mix) 7:02
R1-11 Ei Mori Vetettem Violet (Razormaid Mix) 6:36
A2-01 The Kane Gang Don't Look Any Further (Razormaid Mix) 5:47
A2-02 The Beloved Hello (Razormaid Mix) 6:16
A2-03 Do Piano Again (Razormaid Mix) 6:41
A2-04 The Beat Girl The Late Show (Razormaid Mix) 7:34
A2-05 Sparks Rosebud (Razormaid Mix) 8:16
A2-06 Altair 4 Everyone's A Winner (Razormaid Mix) 6:20
A2-07 Physical Motion Ave Maria (Razormaid Mix) 5:38
A2-08 Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence (Razormaid Mix) 6:04
A2-09 Escape From New York (2) Save Our Love (Razormaid Mix) 6:15
A2-10 Sandra Heaven Can Wait (Razormaid Mix) 6:41
A2-11 Cabaret Voltaire Kickback (Razormaid Mix) 5:55
A2-12 Secession All The Animals Come Out At Night (Razormaid Mix) 6:18
Z3-01 Dirty Harry D'Bop (Razormaid Mix) 6:20
Z3-02 Erotic Dissidents Move Your Ass And Feel The Beat (Razormaid Mix) 6:27
Z3-03 Bappi Lahiri Habiba (Razormaid Mix) 6:28
Z3-04 F.O.M.C.* The Caravan (Razormaid Mix) 6:40
Z3-05 Moments Of Ecstasy You And Me (Razormaid Mix) 6:12
Z3-06 Beat Professor Beat Professor (Razormaid Mix) 6:22
Z3-07 The Shamen Omega Amigo (Razormaid Mix) 6:47
Z3-08 The Shamen Make It Mine (Razormaid Mix) 6:39
Z3-09 16 Bit Where Are You? (Razormaid Mix) 7:26
Z3-10 Mysterious Art Humunkulus (Razormaid Mix) 6:37
Z3-11 Mysterious Art Requiem (Razormaid Mix) 6:33
O4-01 Jarvic 7 Bush Of Love (Razormaid Mix) 6:34
O4-02 Moskwa TV Brave New World (Razormaid Mix) 6:36
O4-03 Deborah Sasson Passion And Pain (Razormaid Mix) 6:47
O4-04 DNA La Serenissima (Razormaid Mix) 6:34
O4-05 Sandra Around My Heart (Razormaid Mix) 6:17
O4-06 Depeche Mode World In My Eyes (Razormaid Mix) 7:38
O4-07 Electribe 101 Tell Me (When The Fever Ended) (Razormaid Mix) 6:34
O4-08 Ofra Haza Wish Me Luck (Razormaid Mix) 7:25
O4-09 Cabaret Voltaire Hypnotized (Razormaid Mix) 6:29
O4-10 Inga Humpe Riding Into Blue (Razormaid Mix) 6:33
O4-11 Dead Or Alive It's Been A Long Time (Razormaid Mix) 6:20
R5-01 Thomas Leer Heartbeat (Razormaid Mix) 7:06
R5-02 Red Flag If I Ever (Razormaid Mix) 6:45
R5-03 U-Men Kampf Der Welten (Razormaid Mix) 6:34
R5-04 G-Force (6) Spicy (Razormaid Mix) 6:06
R5-05 The Force Dimension Algorhythm (Razormaid Mix) 7:12
R5-06 Dance Robots Das Modell (Razormaid Mix) 6:40
R5-07 Schulz! Schulz! (Razormaid Mix) 6:34
R5-08 Severed Heads All Saints Day (Razormaid Mix) 6:56
R5-09 Cabaret Voltaire Keep On (Razormaid Mix) 6:36
R5-10 Mysterious Art Carma (Razormaid Mix) 6:32
R5-11 Yello Call It Love (Razormaid Mix) 6:55
M6-01 Robotiko Rejekto Umsturz Jetzt! (Razormaid Mix) 6:36
M6-02 Metallic Traffic Die Macht (Razormaid Mix) 7:04
M6-03 Tragic Error Tanzen (Razormaid Mix) 6:09
M6-04 Anne Clark Abuse (Razormaid Mix) 6:35
M6-05 Mysterious Art Das Omen (Razormaid Mix) 6:39
M6-06 Scrot Teufelsrhythmus (Razormaid Mix) 6:28
M6-07 Umo Detic Carpe Diem (Razormaid Mix) 6:49
M6-08 Indicate The Slightest Idea (Razormaid Mix) 6:03
M6-09 Master Program Central Europe (Razormaid Mix) 6:16
M6-10 Konzept Hypnautic Beats (Razormaid Mix) 6:30
M6-11 Der Böse Mann Kommt Mit Mir (Razormaid Mix) 6:29
A7-01 Cetu Javu A Donde (Razormaid Mix) 6:52
A7-02 T.S.A.R* Treu Sind Wir (Razormaid Mix) 6:27
A7-03 Echo Romeo Your Tears (Razormaid Mix) 5:59
A7-04 Klangwerk Die Kybernauten (Razormaid Mix) 6:35
A7-05 Depeche Mode Sea Of Sin (Razormaid Mix) 6:27
A7-06 Age Of Love The Age Of Love (Razormaid Mix) 7:28
A7-07 Pankow Remember Me (Razormaid Mix) 5:52
A7-08 Hubert Kah Welcome, Machine Gun (Razormaid Mix) 6:37
A7-09 Red Flag Give Me Your Hand (Razormaid Mix) 6:55
A7-10 Future Perfect Sato Agrepo (Razormaid Mix) 6:02
A7-11 D-Shake My Heart, The Beat (Razormaid Mix) 6:10
I8-01 Keith LeBlanc Tasteless Cuts (Razormaid Mix) 7:33
I8-02 The Force Dimension Tension (Razormaid Mix) 6:33
I8-03 Art Academy The Banker (Razormaid Mix) 6:52
I8-04 Recall IV Contrast (Razormaid Mix) 6:32
I8-05 "O" Das Spiel (Razormaid Mix) 6:27
I8-06 Blind Vision Don't Look At Me (Razormaid Mix) 6:04
I8-07 Defcon Let's Dance Medley 6:24
I8-08 Trust In 6 Life In Ecstasy (Razormaid Mix) 7:06
I8-09 Odysee Of Noises* Wake Up! (Razormaid Mix) 6:33
I8-10 Konzept Human Transmission (Razormaid Mix) 6:31
I8-11 N-Joi Adrenalin Medley 6:29
D9-01 Nostromo Dept. Evolution (Razormaid Mix) 6:30
D9-02 C.C.C.P. United States Of Europe (Razormaid Mix) 6:10
D9-03 Bigod 20 IQ (Dance Mix) 5:59
D9-04 The Hypnotist Rainbows In The Sky (Razormaid Mix) 6:24
D9-05 The Hunger Cut The Skin (Razormaid Mix) 6:24
D9-06 Nitzer Ebb Control I'm Here (Razormaid Mix) 5:44
D9-07 Shades Of Grey (3) World's Apart (Razormaid Mix) 6:35
D9-08 Quazar The Seven Stars (Razormaid Mix) 6:02
D9-09 Hypnotyk Aschenputtel (Razormaid Mix) 6:39
D9-10 Tyrell Corp. Running (Razormaid Mix) 6:35
D9-11 Phobia Let Me Have Silence (Razormaid Mix) 6:44
!10-01 Hubert Kah So Many People (Razormaid Mix) 7:08
!10-02 Celebrate The Nun Celebrate Medley 12:34
!10-03 Psyche (2) Unveiling The Secret (Razormaid Mix) 6:09
!10-04 3 Times 6 You Can Run (Razormaid Mix) 7:00
!10-05 Depeche Mode Pleasure, Little Treasure (Razormaid Mix) 6:03
!10-06 Scott Marlowe Living In Chinatown (Razormaid Mix) 7:27
!10-07 Nitzer Ebb Murderous (Razormaid Mix) 6:27
!10-08 Londonbeat Over The Speedlimit (Razormaid Mix) 6:44
!10-09 Until December We Are The Boys (Razormaid Mix) 6:37
!10-10 Figures On A Beach Breathless (Razormaid Mix) 6:53
!10-11 Front Line Assembly Virus (Razormaid Mix) 6:27


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May 29, 2009
edited over 8 years ago

Some poeple may think that this box set came in a special package, but it doesn't unlike the Test Box Set or the 7.0 Box set, it just came as 10 cd's with each case housing two cd's, that when laid out spells out razormaid! however this is a fine box set from Razormaid! and it is a very rare item, and collection from the how slow can you go? series and the die cut otherwise known as the cycle sector series.