Various ‎– Re Cognition: The Clan Analogue Legacy Collection

Clan Analogue ‎– CA038
2 × CD, Compilation

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CD1-01 Artificial Any Ladies
Written-By – N. Skeltys*
CD1-02 Bleepin' J Squawkins* Minerva Moog Part 1
Written-By – E. Leckie*, J. Higginson*, S. Catchpole*
CD1-03 Disco Stu An Englishman In Ibiza
Written-By – I. Andrews*
CD1-04 General Electrik What You're Doin'
Written-By – A. Hotop*
CD1-05 Pretty Boy Crossover The Translucent
Written-By – C. Burns*, J. Sweeney*
CD1-06 Ubin Willow
Written-By – J. Lamont*, O. Chang*
CD1-07 Two4K Elite
Written-By – C. Anderson*
CD1-08 Deepchild Rachel's Meadow
Written-By – R. Bull*
CD1-09 Telemetry Orchestra Swingers International
Written-By – A. Jones*, G. Angus-Leppan*, S. Scott*
CD1-10 B(if)tek Bedrock
Written-By – K. Crawford*, N. Skeltys*
CD1-11 Dark Network 7am
Written-By – B. Daley*, T. O'Loghlin*
CD1-12 Atone Dublife
Written-By – A. Fitzgerald*
CD1-13 Infusion Smokescreen
Written-By – B. Askins*, B. Seaman*, J. Stevens*, M. Sharrad*, P. Ferris*
CD1-14 Continuum Neurosis (Radio Edit)
Written-By – G. Cameron*, N. Wilson*
CD1-15 Itchee And Scratchee* Everybody Get On The Floor
Written-By – A. Rantzen*, P. McDermott*
CD1-16 5000 Fingers Of Dr T* Mind Stretch
Written-By – A. Pierce*, J. Russell*
CD2-01 Atone Hellhole (Recreation Mix)
Remix – SuspectWritten-By – A. Fitzgerald*, T. O'Loghlin*
CD2-02 Nerve Agent Alien Jungle Planet (Meat Grinder Mix)
Remix – Lunar Module (2)Written-By – A. Banister*, S. Mcphee*
CD2-03 B(if)tek We Think You're Dishy (Koshowko Remix)
Remix – KoshowkoWritten-By – K. Crawford*, M. Koszolko*, N. Skeltys*
CD2-04 Bleepin' J Squawkins* Voodoo Doll
Written-By – A. Fitzgerald*
CD2-05 Eidolon (4) Return To Donnelaith (Swinging Tasty Mix)
Remix – Swinging Tasty BagWritten-By – A. Martinez*, A. Banister*, Swinging Tasty Bag
CD2-06 Xtrovert Vinyl Sadist (Cherry 2000 Remix)
Remix – Cherry 2000 (2)Written-By – A. Rantzen*, Xtrovert
CD2-07 8-Bit* Leiwand (Incident At Bohemian Grove Remix)
Remix – Mutante FrequanteWritten-By – A. Fischer*, J. Culpan*
CD2-08 Clan Analogue CALG101 (Null Object Remix)
Remix – Null ObjectWritten-By – N. Watson*
CD2-09 Disco Stu God Is Dead (Koshowko Remix)
Remix – KoshowkoWritten-By – I. Andrews*, M. Koszolko*
CD2-10 Soft Spoken Spanky Grubbing For Truffles (Dirty Nostrils Remix)
Remix – ApellWritten-By – A. Pell*, E. Kelly*
CD2-11 Continuum Balladonia (Pluto Remix)
Remix – Winduptoys*Written-By – G. Cameron*, N. Wilson*, R. Boehm*
CD2-12 Apell Wrinkled (Old Beirut Mix)
Remix – ZazizWritten-By – A. Pell*, M. Hetherington*
CD2-13 Pear Shaped Sunny Day (Refractive Mix)
Remix – Valley ForgeWritten-By – A. Fitzgerald*, J. Wingrove*
CD2-14 5000 Fingers Of Dr T* Jus Ta Mo Ment (This Moment Remix)
Remix – KaputnikWritten-By – A. Pierce*, J. Russell*, M. Adair*
DVD-01 Continuum Neurosis
Directed By – Matthew Rooke (2), Nick Wilson (9)
DVD-02 Telemetry Orchestra SwingersInternational
Directed By – Matt Willis (6), Steven Scott (4)
DVD-03 5000 Fingers Of Dr T* Mr Love Bass
Directed By – Jasper Russell
DVD-04 5000 Fingers Of Dr T* Elastic Scissors
Directed By – Jasper Russell
DVD-05 5000 Fingers Of Dr T* Funk Police
Directed By – Jasper Russell
DVD-06 5000 Fingers Of Dr T* Buttsqueezer
Directed By – Jasper Russell
DVD-07 5000 Fingers Of Dr T* Barbequed Crickets
Directed By – Jasper Russell
DVD-08 Deepchild Rachel's Meadow
Directed By – Geoff Blee
DVD-09 Toupee* vs Sobriquet Skyline
Directed By – Elenor Rayner
DVD-10 Artificial & DJ Toupee Any Ladies
Directed By – Jackie Ryan (3)
DVD-11 Double Happiness (2) De-Inch
Directed By – Martin Trevan
DVD-12 Pear Shaped Hole In My Shoe
Directed By – Jasper Russell
DVD-13 Pempek vs 5000 Fingers Of Dr T* 5000 Pempecks
Directed By – Ant Banister*, Jasper Russell
DVD-14 Pretty Boy Crossover Imica
Directed By – Martin Trevan
DVD-15 Clowns Smiling Backwards Sombre (Resonance Mix)
Directed By – Martin Trevan
DVD-16 Disco Stu An Englishman In Ibiza
Directed By – Jasper Russell
DVD-17 Artificial Macrame
Directed By – Jackie Ryan (3)
DVD-18 B(if)tek Unisex
Directed By – Jackie Ryan (3)
DVD-19 Carrier Maddox (5000Fingers Of Dr T Remix)
Directed By – Jasper Russell, Mark Ireland (2)Remix – 5000Fingers Of Dr T*
DVD-20 Fluffy T Bunny Symbols Of Immodesty
Directed By – Michael Eyre
DVD-21 Bleepin' J Squawkins* Minerva Moog No 1
Directed By – Nik Ayliffe
DVD-22 General Electrik What You're Doing
Directed By – Jasper Russell
DVD-23 Koshowko Promise (Wind Up Toys Over Here Mix)
Directed By – Jonty Burton, Martin Hansen (8)Remix – Wind Up Toys
DVD-24 Deprogram This Is That
Directed By – J.D. Young
DVD-25 Koshowko They Are The Law
Directed By – Martin Hansen (8)
DVD-26 Winduptoys* GhostDUB
Directed By – Phil Okerstrom*, Robert Boehm
DVD-27 Winduptoys* & Koshowko Switched On
Directed By – Kenton Baines
DVD-28 Koshowko Promise
Directed By – Jonty Burton, Martin Hansen (8)
DVD-29 Koshowko It's Time Now
Directed By – Martin Hansen (8)
DVD-30 Koshowko The Story (Artificial 'Wrinkle Rythym'Remix)
Directed By – Martin Hansen (8)Remix – Artificial
DVD-31 B(if)tek We Think You're Dishy (Koshowko Remix)
Directed By – Karen LiebauRemix – Koshowko
DVD-32 Various Clan Analogue Live At The Goethe Institut (Sydney, 25th of March, 1994)
Executive-Producer – Brendan PalmerRemastered By [Audio Remastered / Remixed By] – Brendan Palmer, PaulBryant*Sounds – Anthony Banister, Brendan Palmer, Kazumichi Grime, Scot ArtVideo Editor – Jason GeeVideo Editor [Video Remixed By] – Emile RasheedVJ [Imagery] – Adam Pierce (2), Emile Rasheed, James McParlane



DVD also contains a documentary:
Clan Analogue: Plug In & Switch On.

The release has the incorrect catalogue number printed on it as CA037, the correct catalogue number as listed on the label website is CA038.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 9 324690 045013