Various ‎– Rotcore

Reel Time Records ‎– RT-01
Cassette, Compilation


A1 Rational Animals Eye To Eye 2:17
A2 Black Bridge (2) Resist This Horrendous Manace 0:15
A3 Black Bridge (2) You Do Make Friends With Salad 0:30
A4 Black Bridge (2) Benedict Arnold Palmer 0:51
A5 Brain Car Rules And Regualtions 1:45
A6 Brain Car Spiders 1:15
A7 Brain Car Annihilate Baghdad 0:29
A8 Wombat Syndrome Warrior Three To Stork 1:47
A9 Wombat Syndrome Keep Your Friends Close, But Your 12 Pack Closer 1:24
A10 Assbeer At War With Engrish 1:06
A11 Assbeer Old Crow 0:58
A12 Bad Taste (7) We Sleep 1:42
A13 Bad Taste (7) Skateboard Suicide 0:54
A14 Burger Violence Hate Yourself 1:18
A15 Burger Violence The Bare Minimum 1:33
B1 Insubordinates Rejected 1:26
B2 Insubordinates The Prophet 3:12
B3 Love Pork 17 3:15
B4 Love Pork IIWAA 6:14
B5 Spoonful Of Vicodin Parking Lot Of Eden 0:45
B6 Spoonful Of Vicodin The Charles Whitman Anthem 0:12
B7 Spoonful Of Vicodin Library Grind Freaks Unite 0:24
B8 Spoonful Of Vicodin B.I.Y. 0:19
B9 Wombat Syndrome Wombat Syndrome 2:18


Cassette only compilation featuring bands from Rochester, New York. Pro-printed cassettes. Comes with a newsprint zine that has info on the bands and some interviews.