Various ‎– Scared To Get Happy (A Story Of Indie-Pop 1980-1989)



The Wild Swans Revolutionary Spirit 4:24
Girls At Our Best!* Getting Nowhere Fast 2:02
Art Objects Showing Off To Impress The Girls 2:44
The Pale Fountains (There's Always) Something On My Mind 2:42
Josef K The Missionary 3:47
The Monochrome Set The Jet Set Junta 2:03
Blue Orchids Dumb Magician 2:55
Marine Girls Don't Come Back 2:04
Fire Engines Candyskin 2:54
TV21 Ambition 3:59
Dolly Mixture Everything And More 2:56
The Nightingales Paraffin Brain 3:03
Scars (2) All About You 4:02
Jane (4) It's A Fine Day 2:47
The Farmer's Boys I Think I Need Help 2:17
The Room (3) Things Have Learnt To Walk That Ought To Crawl 3:37
Weekend Summerdays 2:52
Prefab Sprout Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone) 2:36
The Lines Nerve Pylon 3:46
Everything But The Girl Feeling Dizzy 4:17
The Higsons The Lost And The Lonely 3:02
Black (2) Human Features 3:07
The Daintees Roll On Summertime 3:18
The Bluebells Happy Birthday 2:57
Trixie's Big Red Motorbike Norman And Narcissus 2:31
TV Personalities* A Picture Of Dorian Gray (Live) 2:43
Hurrah! The Sun Shines Here 2:27
Fantastic Something If She Doesn't Smile (It'll Rain) 3:13
Pulp Everybody's Problem 3:15
Strawberry Switchblade Dark 7 3:03
The Suede Crocodiles Stop The Rain 3:25
Grab Grab The Haddock I'm Used Now 2:25
Del Amitri Sense Sickness 2:51
Friends Again Honey At The Core 3:55
Aztec Camera Oblivious 3:11
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken? (Indie Version) 2:09
The Cherry Boys (2) Kardomah Café 3:15
In Embrace This Brilliant Evening 2:49
Microdisney Dolly 3:20
The Woodentops Plenty 3:17
The Jazz Butcher Southern Mark Smith 3:33
The Jasmine Minks Where The Traffic Goes 2:33
The Hit Parade Forever 2:56
The June Brides Every Conversation 3:07
The Revolving Paint Dream* In The Afternoon 3:25
James Hymn From A Village 2:53
The Jesus & Mary Chain* Just Like Honey (Demo Oct '84) 2:57
Biff Bang Pow! The Chocolate Elephant Man 3:09
Yeah Yeah Noh Temple Of Convenience 2:46
The Bodines God Bless 2:19
Big Flame Debra 2:10
The Loft Up The Hill And Down The Slope 4:16
Primal Scream Velocity Girl 1:24
The Wedding Present Go Out And Get 'Em, Boy! 4:11
The Primitives Thru The Flowers 2:27
BMX Bandits Sad 3:01
Shop Assistants All Day Long 1:51
The Mighty Lemon Drops Something Happens 3:40
We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It XX Sex (Demo) 1:59
Mighty Mighty Is There Anyone Out There? 3:42
The Soup Dragons Quite Content 2:37
McCarthy Red Sleeping Beauty 3:40
Age Of Chance Motor City 3:33
The Chesterfields* Completely And Utterly 2:05
The Wolfhounds Cut The Cake 3:25
The Servants Loggerheads 3:09
Close Lobsters Don't Worry (Demo) 2:49
Pop Will Eat Itself Sick Little Girl 2:31
Razorcuts Big Pink Cake 3:25
That Petrol Emotion It's A Good Thing 2:35
The Weather Prophets Almost Prayed 2:39
Jamie Wednesday Vote For Love 3:29
Talulah Gosh Beatnik Boy 1:51
The Dentists She Dazzled Me With Basil 2:47
The Railway Children A Gentle Sound 3:16
The Groove Farm Baby Blue Marine (Alternative Version) 1:48
Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes The Rain Fell Down 3:16
Rosemary's Children (Whatever Happened To) Alice? 3:34
14 Iced Bears Balloon Song 2:31
The Wonder Stuff A Wonderful Day 1:55
House Of Love* Shine On 3:21
The Shamen Something About You 2:58
The Bachelor Pad The Albums Of Jack 2:27
Gol Gappas Albert Parker 4:10
Hangman's Beautiful Daughters Love Is Blue 3:36
Whirl (2) Heaven Forbid 3:08
The Brilliant Corners Delilah Sands 3:09
The Flatmates Shimmer 3:40
The Wake Gruesome Castle 3:19
This Poison! Engine Failure 1:36
The Darling Buds If I Said 2:57
The Boy Hairdressers Tidalwave 1:48
The Waltones She Looks Right Through Me 3:31
The Rosehips Room In Your Heart 2:15
Apple Boutique Love Resistance 4:00
Laugh Take Your Time Yeah! 2:46
The Raw Herbs* She's A Nurse But She's Alright 3:53
The Heart Throbs Toy 3:36
The Clouds (2) Tranquil 3:00
The Groovy Little Numbers You Make My Head Explode 2:22
The Siddeleys My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon 3:31
Rumblefish (3) Tug-Boat Line 3:31
The Hepburns The World Is 2:04
Bubblegum Splash One Of Those Things 2:04
The Corn Dollies* Be Small Again 2:45
The King Of Luxembourg Lee Remick 2:22
The La's Son Of A Gun (Demo) 1:56
The Stone Roses The Hardest Thing In The World 2:44
Inspiral Carpets Keep The Circle Around 3:48
The Pooh Sticks Indiepop Ain’t Noise Pollution 2:13
The Sea Urchins Solace 3:50
Cud Only (A Prawn In Whitby) 3:08
The Popguns Landslide 2:56
One Thousand Violins All Aboard The Love-Mobile 2:28
Another Sunny Day I'm In Love With A Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist 1:40
East Village (2) Strawberry Window 2:36
Bad Dream Fancy Dress Choirboys Gas (Hack The Cassock) 2:17
Rodney Allen Circle Line 3:24
The Orchids (2) I've Got A Habit 2:33
Bradford Skin Storm 3:14
The Charlottes Are You Happy Now? 1:51
The Claim Picking Up The Bitter Little Pieces 3:14
The Poppyheads Dreamabout 4:16
The Sun And The Moon Adam's Song (Pour Fenella) 2:40
The McTells Jesse Man Rae 3:06
Would-Be-Goods Cecil Beaton's Scrapbook 2:54
The Desert Wolves Speak To Me Rochelle 2:27
The Rain (2) Dry The Rain 2:35
Blow Up Forever Holiday 4:09
The Fanatics (2) Suburban Love Songs 2:23
Milltown Brothers Roses 3:05
The Seers Sun Is In The Sky 3:12
The Telescopes The Perfect Needle 3:29
The Boo Radleys Catweazle 3:22


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July 3, 2013
referencing Scared To Get Happy (A Story Of Indie-Pop 1980-1989), 5xCD, Comp + Box, CRCDBOX10

Dear Cherry Red, I can understand not including the Smiths or New Order, or even no Go-Betweens or Orange Juice... but no Felt? Why!?