Various ‎– Sci-Fi Sound Effects - Science Fiction Sound Effects No.26

BBC Records ‎– REC 420
Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Stereo, Mono


The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy (Sound Effects From The Radio Dramatisation)
A1.1 Dick Mills The Book's Activating Code 0:05
A1.2 Dick Mills Slartibartfast's Aircar - Take Off 0:17
A1.3 Dick Mills Slartibartfast's Aircar - Constant Run 0:30
A1.4 Dick Mills Slartibartfast's Aircar - Lands 0:22
A2.1 Dick Mills Magrathea Alarm 0:20
A2.2 Dick Mills Magrathea Police Guns 0:35
A2.3 Dick Mills Space Car Park Outside The Restuarant At The End Of The Universe 0:45
A2.4 Dick Mills The End Of The Universe 0:30
A2.5 Dick Mills Black Spaceship Oscillates 0:40
A3.1 Dick Mills Bugblatter Beast Of Traal: Eats 0:08
A3.2 Dick Mills Bugblatter Beast Of Traal: Walks 0:25
A3.3 Dick Mills Bugblatter Beast Of Traal: Roars 0:38
A4.1 Dick Mills Penargilon Kangaroo Relocation Drive Engaged 0:07
A4.2 Dick Mills Penargilon Kangaroo Relocation Drive Arrival 0:09
A4.3 Dick Mills Golgafrincham Ark Fleet, Ship 'E', Bridge Background 1:05
Dr. Who (Sound Effects From The 1980 Series)
A5.1 Dick Mills Earth Shuttle Arriving On Argolis - From 'The Leisure Hive' 1:05
A5.2 Dick Mills Planet Exterior Atmosphere On Argolis - From 'The Leisure Hive' 1:40
A5.3 Dick Mills Flock Of Bats - From 'State Of Decay' 1:00
A6.1 Dick Mills Laboratory Descends, Gaztak Spaceship Takes Off - From 'Meglos' 1:07
A6.2 Dick Mills Dodecahedron Energy Beams - From 'Meglos' 0:22
A6.3 Dick Mills Marsh Men - From 'Full Circle' 0:22
A6.4 Dick Mills Respirator Room Background In Spaceship - From 'Warriors' Gate' 0:45
A6.5 Dick Mills Time Winds - From 'Warriors Gate' 0:35
A7.1 Dick Mills Alarm - From 'The Keeper Of Traken' 0:20
A7.2 Dick Mills Electric Storm - From 'The Keeper Of Traken' 1:07
A8.1 Dick Mills Cloister Bell In The Tardis - From 'Logopolis' 0:25
A8.2 Dick Mills The Master's Tardis Lands - From 'Logopolis' 0:20
A8.3 Dick Mills The Master's Tardis Takes Off - From 'Logopolis' 0:12
A8.4 Dick Mills Tardis 'Out Of Time Slip' - From 'Logopolis' 0:08
A8.5 Dick Mills Tardis 'Into Time Slip' - From 'Logopolis' 0:08
Blake's 7 (1981 Series)
A9.1 Elizabeth Parker Dawn Of Emptyness 1:50
A9.2 Elizabeth Parker Space Bells For Ceremonial Room 1:15
A10.1 Elizabeth Parker Scorpio Spaceship Lands 0:30
A10.2 Elizabeth Parker Dematerialisation 0:05
A10.3 Elizabeth Parker Rematerialisation 0:05
A10.4 Elizabeth Parker Scorpio Gun 0:05
Blake's 7 (Sound Effects From The First Three Series)
B1.1 Richard Yeoman-Clarke* Orac Switch On 0:02
B1.2 Richard Yeoman-Clarke* Orac Working 0:30
B1.3 Richard Yeoman-Clarke* Orac Switch Off 0:03
B1.4 Richard Yeoman-Clarke* Liberator Computer Malfunction 0:30
B2.1 Elizabeth Parker Liberator Plasma Bolt Explosion 0:05
B2.2 Elizabeth Parker Liberator Laser 0:24
B2.3 Elizabeth Parker Federation Ship Laser Explosions 0:24
B2.4 Elizabeth Parker Liberator Life Capsule Ready To Be Launched 0:32
B3.1 Richard Yeoman-Clarke* Liberator Ship Background 1:30
B3.2 Richard Yeoman-Clarke* Liberator Guns x 3 0:12
B3.3 Richard Yeoman-Clarke* Avon's Communicator Bracelet 0:05
B3.4 Richard Yeoman-Clarke* Transportation Sounds - Disappearence 0:12
B3.5 Richard Yeoman-Clarke* Transportation Sounds - Reappearence 0:09
B4.1 Elizabeth Parker Mysterious 'Being' Disappears In A Flame 0:05
B4.2 Elizabeth Parker Alien Gun 0:05
B4.3 Elizabeth Parker Appearence Of The Ovoid (A Stone Surrounded In Mystery And Magic) 0:30
B4.4 Elizabeth Parker Heavy Voltage Force 0:07
B4.5 Elizabeth Parker Glow From A Mysterious Ghost Who Haunts The Liberator 0:22
B5.1 Elizabeth Parker The Core, A Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain Which Rules From The Centre Of Ultraworld 0:30
B5.2 Elizabeth Parker Interior Of Federation Patrol Ship 1:12
B5.3 Elizabeth Parker Going Through A Black Hole In The Liberator 1:10
B6.1 Elizabeth Parker Space Centre Medical Unit Hum 0:42
B6.2 Elizabeth Parker Machine Monster With A Black Sense Of Humour! (Who Chases Our Heroes Around, Winking) 0:35
B6.3 Elizabeth Parker Break Down Of Machine Monster 0:07
B7.1 Elizabeth Parker Extra Terrestrial Heavenly Choir 1:20
Earth Search (Sound Effects From The 1980 Radio Dramatisation)
B8.1 Lloyd Silverthorne UFO Landing 0:09
B8.2 Lloyd Silverthorne Computer Touch Panel Bleeps 0:42
B8.3 Lloyd Silverthorne Warbles 0:20
B8.4 Lloyd Silverthorne Alarm 0:05
B9.1 Lloyd Silverthorne Meteorite Alert Station 0:30
B9.2 Lloyd Silverthorne Rumbling Gurgle 0:35
B10.1 Lloyd Silverthorne Hand Held Ray Guns 0:12
B10.2 Lloyd Silverthorne Space Bombs 0:17
B10.3 Lloyd Silverthorne Space Police 0:12
B11.1 Lloyd Silverthorne Outer Airlock Door Open And Close 0:10
B11.2 Lloyd Silverthorne Inner Airlock Door Open And Close 0:10
B11.3 Lloyd Silverthorne Plasma Discharge Weapons 0:09
B12.1 Lloyd Silverthorne Underworld Animation Chamber 0:37
B12.2 Lloyd Silverthorne Bleeps For Suspended Animation Chamber 0:30
B12.3 Lloyd Silverthorne Electric Warning Gong 0:17
B13.1 Lloyd Silverthorne Three Harmonic Stings Followed By Explosion 0:05
B13.2 Lloyd Silverthorne Sharp Hum With Trail Out 0:19
B13.3 Lloyd Silverthorne Rapid Fire Laser Guns 0:22
B14.1 Lloyd Silverthorne Space Hurricane 1:07
B14.2 Lloyd Silverthorne Spacecraft Crash Into Sea 0:30

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N.B. Many of these recordings are in monaural sound, since they have been created specially for television or radio production.

℗ 1981 BBC © 1981 BBC
Made and printed in England
Manufactured and distributed by PRT Ltd.

© ℗ 1981 BBC
Made and printed in England
Distributed by PRT Records Ltd.
BBC Enterprises London England

Side A:
Bands 1-4 - Mono
Bands 5-8 - Stereo
Bands 9-10 - Stereo
Side B:
Bands 1-7 - Mono
Bands 8-14 - Stereo

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (A-Side Runout Etching): REC 420 A1 DAMONT B
  • Matrix / Runout (B-Side Runout Etching): REC 420 B-2 DAMONT H