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Side A Video Highlights
Side A MC Battle
Side A DJ Battle
Side A B-Boy Battle
Side A Graffiti Expo
Side B Rhymesayers 10th Anniversary Showcase
Side B Atmosphere
Side B MF Doom
Side B Murs
Side B Eyedea & Abilities
Side B Brother Ali
Side B Blueprint & Illogic
Side B Odd Jobs
Side B Interviews
Side B Entire B-Boy Battles


Scribble Jam 2003-In its 7th year, Scribble Jam continues to be the leading hip-hop event in the country. This year kicked off with the Rhymesayers 10th Anniversary concert. This spectacular show featured the entire Rhymesayer camp; Brother Ali, Eyedea and Abilities, Mf Doom, Atmosphere and many more. This energy was merely a prelude to Saturday’s events. Saturday highlights include Scribbles' first ever Beat box Battle, another rowdy B-Boy battle, an unprecedented Dj Battle and one of the best MC BATTLES EVER. As the years pass, this event continues to grow and get better with each year. All the action from this years Scribble Jam are captured in this 3 HOUR DVD: Entire Break Dance Battles, Live Performances, Interviews, DJ BATTLE featuring Scratch Bastard and DJ Squint along with the Ever famous MC BATTLE featuring Rhymefest, Swann, Juice, and many more. DOUBLE SIDED DVD over 3 hours long.


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March 29, 2016
edited about 1 year ago

I always wanted one of these (Because afterall, I was on it! and a pretty good showing if I may say so.) This was from the year 2002 when I went top four only to be stopped by Magestik Legend of Trackezoids fame. He is also known for working with Binary Star and One Be Lo among others. The video shows my battle with Wrekonize of ¡MAYDAY! fame too. Wrekonize would go on to win the MTV New Years battle that year a few short months later. It also showcases my battle with the homie Skandal Da Ruckus Man (R.I.Power!). You can tell in the video he and I were friends and were having a blast battling each other that year. The video shows one of Big Skan's previous battles after that making it seem he beat me but in truth it was I who advanced to the top 4 (No diss. as I said that was the homie!~ He and I battled multiple times at Scribble Jams & Mr. Dibbs birthday parties to varying results. I won some and he won some. He always showed mad love to me and I still miss seeing him and the Cinci crews every year at Scribble Jam to this day! (R.I.P. BJ/Unseen from Animal Crackers too!) So many memories! In actuality I would go on to battle Magestik Legend who beat me in that top 4 round. He would go on to battle Mac Lethal who was an unstoppable beast that year and would eventually be crowned champion after he let Dous Noun come back to battle him for a second round! What a sport! He felt he had been ripped off himself in previous years and wanted to give Dous a second chance because he fu__ing deserved it!.. (I was light weight glad I didn't have to face him lol but I woulda! It was always in good fun for me and guys like this.) Anyway, Thanks for reading this and share a Scribble Jam memory with me if you have any! - CRASH DDZ I may be bias but I give this one 5 stars.