Various ‎– Sensationnel No. 3 & No. 4

Illusion Production ‎– IP 022
Sensationnel – No.3 & No. 4
2 × Cassette, Compilation


A01 Lord W The Tape After 10:58
A02 Kevin Harrison & Linda Novak, Steven Parker In My Eyes 1:30
A03 La 1919 Spontaneo* Leptinotarsa Decemlineata 5:20
A04 Tara Cross Oriental Men 2:53
A05 Die Kleinen Psyoniken Une Espèce De Déperdition Du Niveau Normal De La Réalité 3:00
A06 Instead Of Untitled 0:15
A07 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe Verwirrt 7:40
A08 XX Century Zorro District 2:25
A09 N.D.E.* Projection Intérieure 2:50
A10 F:A.R. Prosthesis* Hint 3:00
B01 L'Éponge Synthétique Que Pasa? 3:00
B02 The Twins (3) Sitting In The Back 3:00
B03 Die Form (2) & Nulla Iperreale La Vocazione Sospesa 8:05
B04 The London Different Kings Melage Still Races 3:01
B05 K2 Marching Into Hades 4:53
B06 Instead Of Untitled 0:40
B07 Architects Office Hymnosis 3:30
B08 Kevin Harrison & Linda Novak, Steven Parker Earth And Water 3:30
B09 La STPO Idol 1:52
B10 Diseño Corbusier Comien Zo 0:55
B11 FâLX çèrêbRi The Night Ritual 2:50
B12 Vivenza Matérialité Des Eléments Magnétiques 3:00
B13 Denier Du Culte Les Aveux De Marthe 2:10
C01 Hypnobeat Pygmy Cicada Panic 2:52
C02 Instead Of Untitled 1:10
C03 La STPO Ebauche 1:00
C04 Schlafengarten Dismissal 2:39
C05 Reportage* Untitled 2:47
C06 XX Century Zorro Citoyeus 2:52
C07 Maddy Genets (2) Le Bal Des Consanguins 3:27
C08 Viscera A Cruel Accident Of Mindless Nature 2:53
C09 Vox Paris La Machine Infernale 2:55
C10 Psyclones Stuck In A Rut 3:26
C11 Comando Bruno Redentor 2 Reprise 2:43
C12 Atem Ten Too Jungle Dream 4:10
C13 Bene Gesserit To Beat Or Not To Beat 3:50
C14 Reportage* Untitled 3:48
D01 A Nation Mourns Searching For Someone In A Dark Room 2:10
D02 Presage 84 Reconstruction 3:00
D03 Tara Cross Small Talk 2:07
D04 XX Century Zorro Phelin Phelix 2:33
D05 Diseño Corbusier Victoria Mutilada 2:25
D06 ORA (2) Dcd 2:20
D07 Kevin Harrison & Linda Novak, Steven Parker Radio Moscow 5:14
D08 Neo Zelanda Ritmo Tropical 1:30
D09 Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata Tooth 2:52
D10 Instead Of Untitled 2:57
D11 La STPO Idol 1:20
D12 Maybe Mental Premystrery 3:11
D13 Neo Zelanda Ende 1:15
D14 Tara Cross Steady Comotion 2:27
D15 Mystery Hearsay Mystery H 4:48


Double cassette compilation wrapped in a printed gatefold box with 12 printed matters inside: a 20-paged A5-sized booklet, a tiny 24-paged booklet with artworks and contact dates (Sensationnel No 3), a tiny 36-paged booklet with artworks and contact dates (Sensationnel No 4) and tracklistings of both cassettes, 9 different prints (2 individual prints, some of the others may change from set to set).