Various ‎– Shed Sounds Sampler

In Phaze Records ‎– IP007
Cassette, Sampler


A1 Portion Control Untitled
A2 Portion Control Untitled
A3 Bona Dish Untitled
A4 Bona Dish Untitled
A5 Bona Dish Untitled
A6 Portion Control Untitled
A7 Portion Control Untitled
A8 Portion Control Untitled
B1 Marine Girls Untitled
B2 Marine Girls Untitled
B3 Marine Girls Untitled
B4 Marine Girls Untitled
B5 Legendary Pink Dots* Untitled
B6 Legendary Pink Dots* Untitled
B7 Married In Sweden Untitled


A1-A2 taken from 'Gaining Momentum' cassette LP, IP001
A3-A5 taken from 'On C30' cassette LP, IP003
A6-A8 taken from the 'Dining on the fresh' package, IP006
B1-B4 taken from 'Beach Party' LP COD1 and cassette IP002
B5-B6 taken from 'Brighter now' cassette LP, IP004
B7 is Live At Basement Club


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March 23, 2017
In the back of my head I always suspected that one day I would find a copy of this cassette - I just didn't realize it would take more than 20 years!
Yes, it is a copy of the Shed Sound Sampler cassette as released by In Phaze in 1982! A C20 cassette filled with samples, much as its title suggests, of In Phaze artists such as Marine Girls, Portion Control and of course The Legendary Pink Dots.
Seeing the often somewhat dubious quality control at In Phaze headquarters, it is a miracle this cassette plays as good as it does, even though there is a slight stereo disbalance - not uncommon with In Phaze cassettes.
So we get brief samples of songs, fading in and out and a coda of someone (Pat Birmingham?) repeating the mantra "In Phaze" over and over again (in fact it's a loop). The Pink Dots samples are Hanging Gardens and City Ghosts. So there!