Various ‎– Shinjuku Beach Party 2001!!

J-Factory ‎– TKCF-77092
CD, Album


1 Goggle-A The Boy On The Shark~サメに乗った少年~
2 Goggle-A Y.M.C.A
3 Goggle-A 恋のドクター
4 Goggle-A ハンガリア・ロック
5 Goggle-A 僕のステッキ 君のステップ
6 Goggle-A Mad Dice Go A Go
7 The Bunnies Theme
8 The Bunnies Pop Pop Pop Pie
9 The Bunnies Sweet L
10 The Bunnies Hammond Light
11 The Bunnies California Surfer
12 The Bunnies Ram Ram
13 The Bunnies Barbara Ann
14 The Bunnies I Want You To Be My Baby
15 Pappys Space Ride
16 Pappys Taste Good
17 Pappys Holiday
18 Pappys Jet Pappy
19 Pappys We’re Not Gonna Take It
20 Pappys Poison Bee
21 Pappys Scream!!
22 Pappys Rock’n’Roll
23 The Royal Fingers Go Royal Fingers Go!
24 The Royal Fingers Three Hawks
25 The Royal Fingers Do You Wanna Dance?
26 The Royal Fingers Bulldog
27 The Royal Fingers Kamikaze March
28 The Royal Fingers Do The Clam
29 The Royal Fingers Wipe Out