Various ‎– Shower Of Bastards

Spiderbaby Records ‎– ARACHNO2
Cassette, Compilation, Yellow Cover


Red Side 25:18
A1 No Artist Intro 0:18
A2 Gripe Machines Have No Mercy 0:43
A3 Gripe Bottom Feeder 1:09
A4 Gripe Go For The Throat 0:49
A5 Hoglust Cold Piss 0:44
A6 Hoglust Hoard 0:33
A7 Hoglust Relentless Voices 0:47
A8 Ocksen Tonight Matthew 1:11
A9 Ocksen Jesus On Your Side 1:27
A10 Ocksen Botched Copy 0:30
A11 ACxDC No Fly Zone 0:38
A12 ACxDC Joke's On You 0:54
A13 ACxDC T-Shirt Time 0:39
A14 Robocop (3) I Hope All Your Friends Die 1:30
A15 Robocop (3) Assassination Markets 1:19
A16 Robocop (3) Fed To The Wolves 0:41
A17 Magpyes Lord Ov Swords 1:12
A18 Six Brew Bantha Frontal Lobe Damage 0:48
A19 Six Brew Bantha Violence Fuels Hatred 0:53
A20 Napalm Raid Dead Cities 1:58
A21 Napalm Raid Brainwash 1:21
A22 Man Hands Dragon Soop 0:32
A23 Man Hands Streets Of Rage 0:58
A24 Go Fast Or Go Home Thrashers Britain 1:19
A25 Go Fast Or Go Home 100 Metre Sprint 0:11
A26 Fresh Milk Flying Horse 2:06
A27 Fresh Milk Die Hard 1:35
A28 Let It Die Pity For The Guilty Is Treason For The Innocent 0:07
A29 Let It Die Steadfast 0:34
A30 No Coast (2) Heels 1:41
A31 No Artist Interval 0:02
Yellow Side 24:42
B32 No Artist Intro 0:12
B33 Closure (5) The Vomiter 1:13
B34 Closure (5) Jim's Round 0:29
B35 Closure (5) Whorehouse 0:22
B36 Witch Cult Burnt Flags 1:40
B37 Witch Cult Deteriorate 0:33
B38 Self Loathing (2) Trinity Test 2:11
B39 Self Loathing (2) S.A.D. 0:36
B40 Black Veins Hell And High Water 1:04
B41 Black Veins Vices 1:50
B42 Fetus Christ (2) Clarkson Is A Nazi Prick 1:05
B43 Fetus Christ (2) Paedo Priest 0:17
B44 Fetus Christ (2) Fuck You Bitch, I'm Growing A Moustache! 0:29
B45 Cut Your Throat Slaughter More 1:15
B46 Cut Your Throat Delirium Tremens
B47 Cut Your Throat Graft Versus Host Disease 0:42
B48 Sakatat Yolun Sonu 1:04
B49 Sakatat Pislik 0:25
B50 Sakatat Adim Adim Elerki 1:31
B51 To Die Jiwa Jima Yang Terkumpul 0:43
B52 To Die Saat Jiwa Mulai Terikat 0:34
B53 Creative Waste Defeatist 3:35
B54 Corrupt Humanity Brain Rot 0:34
B55 Horsebastard Short Controlled Blasts 0:55
B56 Horsebastard Solid Grade 0:43
B57 Horsebastard Through The Labradoor 0:54
B58 Suffering Mind Ekonomiczny Szczyt Bezczelnosci 1:13
B59 Suffering Mind Nagrobkowe Kurwy 0:40
B60 Suffering Mind Wirus 0:48
B61 No Artist Outro 0:15


Yellow cover version limited to 25 copies.

Track B47 appears in the inlay as Host Versus Graft Disease.

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