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Simply ‎– SIMPLYCD021
4 × CD, Compilation
Box Set


1-1 A Fistful Of Dollars : Main Title
1-2 For A Few Dollars More : Main Title
1-3 The Good The Bad And The Ugly : Main Title
1-4 Rio Bravo : Main Title
1-5 High Noon: Do Not Forsake Me
1-6 Paint Your Wagon: Wandrin' Star
1.7 The Alamo: Ballad Of The Alamo
1-8 Hang 'Em High: Main Title
1-9 How The West Was Won: Main Title
1-10 Stagecoach: Main Title
1-11 The Magnificent Seven: Main Title
1-12 A Fistful Of Dynamtie (Duck You Sucker): Main Title
1-13 The Man From Laramie: Main Title
1-14 Once Upon A Time In The West: The Man With The Harmonica
1-15 The Return Of The Seven: Main Title
1-16 True Grit: Main Title
1-17 Bonanza: Main Title
1-18 My Name Is Nobody: Good Luck Jack
2-1 Apocalypse Now: Ride Of The Valkyries
2-2 Bridge On The River Kwai: Main Title
2-3 Saving Private Ryan: Hymn To The Fallen
2-4 The Killing Fields: Etude
2-5 The Deerhunter: Cavatina
2-6 Lawrence Of Arabia: Main Title
2-7 The Dam Busters: Main Title
2-8 633 Squadron: Main Title
2-9 The Green Berets: Ballad Of The Green Berets : Main Title
2-10 Patton: Patton March
2-11 The Guns Of Navarone: Main Title
2-12 The Longest Day: Main Title
2-13 A Bridge Too Far: Main Title
2-14 Platoon: Adagio For Strings
2-15 Gallipoli: Adagio In G Minor
3-1 2001: A Space Odyssey: Also Sprach Zarathustra
3-2 Star Wars: Main Theme
3-3 Superman: Main Theme
3-4 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: Main Theme
3-5 War Of The Worlds: Eve Of The War
3-6 Blade Runner: Main Theme
3-7 Rollerball: Toccata & Fugue In D Minor
3-8 A Clockwork Orange: Beethoven's 9th Symphony, 2nd Movement
3-9 E.T.: Finale
3-10 The Empire Strikes Back: The Rebel Fleet : End Title
3-11 Jurassic Park: Main Theme
3-12 Independence Day: End Titles
3-13 Star Trek: Next Generation: Main Title
3-14 Back To The Future: Back To The Future
3-15 Mission: Impossible: Main Theme
3-16 The X-Files: Main Theme
3-17 Donnie Darko: Mad World
4-1 Halloween: Main Title
4-2 The Exorcist: Tubular Bells
4-3 The Shining: Dies Irae From 'Symphony Fantastique'
4-4 The Omen: O Fortuna From 'Carmina Burana'
4-5 Hannibal: Vida Cor Meum
4-6 Rosemary's Baby: Fur Elise
4-7 Silence Of The Lambs: Main Title
4-8 Poltergeist: Carol Ann's Theme : End Title
4-9 Psycho: Prelude : Main Theme
4-10 Jaws: Main Theme
4-11 Aliens: Main Title
4-12 Bram Stoker's Dracula: Vampire Hunters
4-13 A Nightmare On Elm Street: Main Title
4-14 Hellraiser: Main Title
4-15 Candyman: Candyman Suite
4-16 Re-Animator: Main Title
4-17 The Twilight Zone: Main Title

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  • Barcode: 6 98458 24212 9