Various ‎– Sociopathic Mixtape, Vol. 1

50 × File, FLAC, Compilation


1 Festerfuck Severed Hippy Heads Carbonizing In A Campfire
2 Nurse Ratched Necronomicondom
3 Chainsaw to the Face Hating Life
4 Livet som insats Don't Let Them Get To You
5 Unsu Magic Quartet Of Starfuckers
6 Rumpelstiltskin Grinder Fucking Wild (Unmastered)
7 Fragmented Aura Gamma Refragmentation (Tentative Title)
8 Department Of Correction La Punkette
9 Infanticide Chances Zero To None
10 Needful Things Constricted
11 Bloody Corpse Dismemberment Skullfucked By Dynamite
12 Silencekiller Enemy Of The State
13 Hordes (5) Brute Hammer
14 Wake (6) The Means To The End
15 Another Kind Of Death Dark Days
16 Colombian Necktie Disease
17 The Communion Stirrups
18 Gut Bucket Dark Passenger
19 Burn Everything (2) Directed By David Lynch
20 Nuclear Powered Satan Horror Of Horrors, Whore Of Whores
21 Human Cull Modern Slavery
22 Elitist (2) Bound And Bent
23 Desire (41) Budaya Kalian Bagainkan Nazi (Fuck The Nazi)
24 Jesus Ain't In Poland Blessed Be
25 Orrör Letargia
26 Rob Stanley (2) Of Sand And Stars (Instrumental)
27 Machine Gun Prophecy Camp F.E.M.A.
28 54R Whoremonger
29 Blowupnihilist Porphyria
30 Forgarður Helvítis Án þess Að Depla Auga (Without Blinking An Eye)
31 GodAwfulNoise Victim
32 The Drip Purge The Fixation
33 BruceXCampbell Madness
34 Koreisch A Premonition Of Life's Erotion
35 Nolentia What Could Be
36 Living Void Dove Crusher
37 Expurgo Trapped
38 Point Of Our Resistance Corpse Corruptor
39 Amputee (3) Barren Fields
40 Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire Garbage
41 Wall Red Murder Evil Dreams
42 Inhailed Four Walls Of Hell
43 Splatter Effect Burial Plot
44 Hungry Like Rakovitz Paint Me A Smile
45 The Black Moriah Here's To Your Endtime
46 Rape Festival First And Final Taste
47 Bone Dance Conniver
48 Dirk Diggler (5) The Birds Of Tomorrow
49 Under Vultures Converge
50 Menorrhagia Serpents Coil


Tracks 6, 7, 8, 18, 28, 33 and 45 are previously unreleased.

Download taken via the Sociopathic Sound Records label bandcamp page.