Various ‎– Sombre Soniks Sakrament 01

Sombre Soniks ‎– SomSon50
5 × File, FLAC


1 Plaguewielder Featuring raxil4 Live At Thee Sakrament 01 04/12/13 27:33
2 Colossloth Live At Thee Sakrament 01 04/12/13 17:08
3 raxil4 Live At Thee Sakrament 01 04/12/13 34:54
4 Seesar Live At Thee Sakrament 01 04/12/13 28:39
5 Akoustik Timbre Frekuency Live At Thee Sakrament 01 04/12/13 29:43



Sombre Soniks is very proud to present thee audio release of thee first 'Sombre Soniks Sakrament', featuring five full performances from Plaguewielder, Colossloth, raxil4, Seesar and Akoustik Timbre Frekuency!

Thee night took place at thee Firebug Bar, Leicester on 4/12/13 and was hosted by Sombre Soniks in association with Wake Up Promotions. Bakground films were kreated by in-house Visual Artists Fabian van der Meer and Madguten to kompliment each of thee artists and thee result was a night filled with Dark and Ritual Muziks that was enjoyed by everyone that attended!

Thee full night is presented here, totalling just over 2h15m of audio for all five performances. These have been mastered but we have tried to remain as faithful to thee audio from thee night as possible. Also inkluded is an eleven page booklet featuring info on each Artist and photography from thee night, kourtesy of Blackrose Photography.

A huge thank you for helping to make this possible:
Andrew (raxil4), Barry (Threshold Studios), Coiled23, Marc (Plaguewielder), Paul (Wake Up Promotions), Sarah (Blackrose Photography), Subliminal Minnie, The Firebug Bar, Will (Seesar), Wooly (Colossloth)

++All money from this release will go towards funding 'Sombre Soniks Sakrament 02' on 14/06/14 @ Firebug Bar, Leicester++