Various ‎– Somehow Commissioned # 2 : Texture

Phinery Tapes ‎– Ph017
2 × Cassette, Limited Edition, Numbered, C130


A1 Head Dress Partialism 7:14
A2 Karl Fousek & Arbee Abricotes 2:33
A3 Belch Kitchen We Are All Reverberations Of Sex And Darkness 5:28
A4 Ab-Arts Beauty In Emerging Order 5:08
A5 Patrick Piper Añoranza II 4:33
A6 D. Burke Mahoney High Desert Radiation I 7:27
A7 LaMetàFisica Everything So Sad 4:37
A8 Gora Sou Untitled 3:20
A9 Ylangylang Sa Nature 4:30
A10 Danny Clay 12.18.2014 2 3:33
A11 The Petrified Heart Of An Air Whale Kwantum Jool 4:54
A12 Golden Living Room ECCO 4:45
A13 Dirch Blewn The Mechanics Of Balance (reprieve) 6:00
B1 Fumitake Tamura Winter Tree 3:16
B2 Glia Badabesurt 13:56
B3 Christian Michael Filardo Rose 49mm 2 5:19
B4 Cor S (2) Sur 4:21
B5 Mike Nigro Three Drummers 4:25
B6 Tom Hall Untitled 8:18
B7 Hazy Montagne Mystique Fossils Of The Future 3:38
B8 Visiting Houses Radiator Sluice 1:44
B9 Hollowfonts Gambrel 6:47
B10 Matthew Barlow (2) Clouds & Glass 4:23
B11 Così e Così It's Only Love 8:03
C1 Derek Rogers Form Thief 10:58
C2 Oho Bast Kan Thru 6:48
C3 Erik Sánchez At Any Moment We Might Not Be Here, Maybe We're Already Gone 5:00
C4 Klondike (2) Why Waste Time And Plasma On A Goner? 5:38
C5 Takahiro Mukai #141128F 6:31
C6 Tritan Le Messager De L'Espace 4:59
C7 Angelo Harmsworth Diluvial Light 6:54
C8 Ondness Mound Builders 4:22
C9 Acid Fountain Hypertext Inure 6:12
C10 Anatol Locker Leather 6:24
D1 FDG-* Residual Fragments of Alternate Opacity 5:05
D2 D. Hansen* December 22nd 6:20
D3 Siobhan (3) Monte' Carlo. 4:54
D4 The Kendal Mintcake Three Quick Exits 3:05
D5 William C. Martin He Checks The Heart 5:34
D6 Inner Travels A New Season 3:36
D7 Aygeetee Further Grey 4:16
D8 Mim Ilk Water No Matter 4:54
D9 øjeRum When Birds Fly, The Eyes Of Heaven Can Rest 13:59
D10 Black Thread Folded Husk 6:44
D11 Lindsay Dobbin Lost 4:14


Two professionally duplicated cassettes (C130)
and sadle stitched hand-assembled zine on uncoated, unbleached paper -
Edition of 50 hand numbered copies