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A1 Happy World Punx Unite
A2 Happy World Worms
A3 Happy World The Rover
A4 Moral Disgust The Truth
A5 Moral Disgust I Don't Wanna Be Rich
A6 Moral Disgust Stop The Beast
A7 Moral Disgust The Party's Over
A8 Psycho (10) No Way
A9 Psycho (10) No One Rules
A10 Psycho (10) Bondage
A11 Abusive Action Youth Of Today
A12 Abusive Action Behind The Mask
A13 Abusive Action Helping Hand
A14 Abusive Action I Love N.Y.
A15 Abusive Action Battered Youth
A16 Subculture (9) Mr. Doo Doo Brain
A17 Subculture (9) Long Ago
A18 Subculture (9) Sadness
A19 Subculture (9) The Maniac
A20 Kids For Cash I Can!
A21 Kids For Cash Know-Nothing
A22 Antiseen Meatmarket
A23 Antiseen Queen City Stomp
A24 Methods Of Extermination No Way Out
A25 Methods Of Extermination Be Free
B1 Sons Of Ishmael SSmall Town Mentality
B2 Sons Of Ishmael Break Free
B3 Sons Of Ishmael 'Democracy'
B4 Roach Motel (2) Pizza Face
B5 Roach Motel (2) We're An American Band (Live)
B6 Roach Motel (2) Burger King Is Dead
B7 Local Shame No Trust
B8 Local Shame Bhopal Boogie
B9 Local Shame Tomorrow Never Knows
B10 Immoral Minority Retaliate
B11 Immoral Minority A.D.I.Y.P.
B12 7 Seconds Here's Your Warning
B13 7 Seconds Bottomless Pit
B14 Caustic Defiance Extra-Curricular Activity
B15 Active Ingredients (2) Rock Stars
B16 Active Ingredients (2) Cancer Of Hypocrisy
B17 Active Ingredients (2) I Hate M.T.V.
B18 Active Ingredients (2) Mental Aggravation
B19 Active Ingredients (2) Take From The Poor
B20 Active Ingredients (2) You Suck
B21 Scared Straight No Way (Scott's Love Song)
B22 Scared Straight Drug Free
B23 Cancerous Growth (2) Ecology
B24 Cancerous Growth (2) What Can You Do?


U.K. compilation 90 minute cassette of 49 songs by 17 North American bands.
Included with the May 1986 first issue of the 'Son of Quincy' 16-page fanzine which features an interview with all the bands on the cassette, along with columns, features and reviews.