Various ‎– Song, By Toad Records - Fifth Anniversary Box Set

Song, By Toad Records ‎– SbTR-A-012, Song, By Toad Records ‎– SbTR-A-033, Song, By Toad Records ‎– SbTR-A-034, Song, By Toad Records ‎– SbTR-A-035, Song, By Toad Records ‎– SbTR-A-036
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
3 × Vinyl, LP, Album
2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation


Virgin Of The Birds - Abandoned Love
A1 Virgin Of The Birds The Queen Of Sweden
A2 Virgin Of The Birds Baby, Let Me Trace You
A3 Virgin Of The Birds Ilona, You SHould Still Be My Vampire Attendant
A4 Virgin Of The Birds Let Me Be Your Bride
A5 Virgin Of The Birds They Wake
A6 Virgin Of The Birds Lessons Learned In Turkish Valleys
B1 Virgin Of The Birds She's In The Moon Again
B2 Virgin Of The Birds Crank Resolutions
B3 Virgin Of The Birds Every Revelry
B4 Virgin Of The Birds Every Rival
B5 Virgin Of The Birds Love Among The Cannibals
B6 Virgin Of The Birds A Chimera You Can Trust
The Leg - What Happened To The Shrunken Tina Turner
A1 The Leg Barcodes
A2 The Leg Uw Hund
A3 The Leg Black Death Coming Soon In Full Colour
A4 The Leg Switches
A5 The Leg Chees On Bread's Homemade Bike
B1 The Leg Bees
B2 The Leg A Cunted Version Of The Truth
B3 The Leg Silver-dog
B4 The Leg A Rat's Health
B5 The Leg Tina Turner
Various - The Toad Sessions
A1 Found Mullokian
A2 Woodpecker Wooliams Sparrow
A3 Milk Maid Stir So Slow
A4 Rob St. John* This Muted Flourish
A5 Adam Stafford Cold Seas
A6 Samantha Crain Churchill
B1 Sam Amidon Fiddle Mayhem
B2 Paws (3) Winners Don't Bleed
B3 The Scottish Enlightenment Earth Angel
B4 The Pictish Trail I Will Pour It Down
B5 The Black Tambourines Bad Days
B6 Thirty Pounds Of Bone Uyeasound
Animal Magic Tricks - Sex Acts
A1 Animal Magic Tricks Cannibal
A2 Animal Magic Tricks Heavenly Bodies
A3 Animal Magic Tricks Pinkening
A4 Animal Magic Tricks Flesheater
A5 Animal Magic Tricks Clockwork
B1 Animal Magic Tricks Blue Planet
B2 Animal Magic Tricks Fold
B3 Animal Magic Tricks Sex Acts
B4 Animal Magic Tricks In The Gaps
B5 Animal Magic Tricks Darling/Glass Muscles
Meursault - Kissing On Bonfires
A1 Meursault Salt Pt. 1
A2 Meursault Sketches Of Statues Of Strangers
A3 Meursault The Furnace
A4 Meursault Pissing On Bonfires/Kissing WIth Tongues
A5 Meursault Salt Pt. 2
B1 Meursault Dirt & The Roots
B2 Meursault A Few Kind Words
B3 Meursault A Small Stretch Of Land
B4 Meursault &
B5 Meursault Lament For Nakhla Dog
B6 Meursault Oh, Neighbourhood!


Limited edition of 50.