Various ‎– Spellewauerynsherde, Interpretations Various & Sundry

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1 Christian Fennesz* Waueryn [Christian Fennesz] 1583 Leg. Bp. St. Androis 46 The Plesant Plane-Trie Will The Leavs Vnfauld With Fairest Schaddow To Save The Sone In Symmer.
2 Kit Clayton Sharde [Kit Clayton] 1250 Owl & Night. 314 Ich Singe. Mid Fulle Dreme And Lude Stefne.
3 Taylor Deupree Spelle [Taylor Deupree] 1664 H. More Myst. Iniq. 415 Against All The Laws Of Prophetick Interpretation, Nay Indeed Against All Rhyme And Reason.
4 Josh Russell Sharde [Josh Russell] 1620 Shelton Quix. ii. xlvi. 304 But The Cat, Careless Of These Threats, Purred, And Held Fast.
5 Carmen Baier Spelle [Carmen Baier] 1596 Spenser Hymn Beautie 24 Whose Faire Immortallbeame Hath Darted Fyre Into My Feeble Ghost.
6 Nobukazu Takemura Waueryn [Nobukaza Takemura] 1531 Elyot Gov. i. xix, At That Tyme Idolatry Was Nat Clerely Extincte, But Diuers Fragmentes Therof Remained In Euery Region.
7 Alejandra & Aeron Spelle [Alejandra & Aeron] 1616 W. Clerk Withals Dict. Eng. & Lat. (Rev.Ed.) 574 Obscurum Per Obscurius. I Am As Wise As I Was Before.
8 Stephan Mathieu Spelle [Stephan Mathieu] 1605 Shakes. Lear iii. vii. 62 Poore Old Heart, He Holpe The Heauens To Raine.
9 Steve Roden Sharde [Steve Roden] 1480 Robt. Devyll 32 Hys Mother Gave Hym To The Feende Of Hell In The Houre Of Hys Fyrst Contemplacyon.
10 i8u Spelle [i8u] 1570-1 In Willis & Clark Cambridge (1886) III. 594 For Vppyng Ye Swannes And Wynteryng Them .xxiijs.


Utilizing source material taken from reel to reel recordings of Icelandic accapella lament songs made in the late 1960s or early 1970s 10 sound artists interpret these sounds in their compositions.