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Teskoba Recordings ‎– TKR11
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September is here, autumn and Teskoba 11 smashes into view, emerging from the dead earth like some long buried machine of war.

The first attack is from Oldham UK artist Siege.After Hours starts with sparse machine shop sounds echoing around the empty industrial wastelands of the British midlands. The rumbling underfoot provides a bass line to accompany the building confusion wrought by the paranoid synths that give way in the second half to a Mills-like, spacey, electronic beep filled soundscape. A deep, minimal but pounding workout from Siege!

The follow through comes from Tony Silver, more known for harder and more pounding attacks, the sound here on Critical Hit is stripped back, but still remains big in impact.The subtle kick pulse is soon overlaid with a hypnotic, bubbling, corrosive synth and slapped around by sharp white noise percussion to keep you on your toes.A building break twists you back into the groove, simplified and stripped down to focus the funk.A deceptively simple, tough workout that is perfect to maintain energy mid-set.

The finishing blow is supplied by Andy Todd starts with chemically eroded congas and a simple but funky 2 step bass under the kick. A swimming, confusing feeling is brought in with the first ambient synth washes and then spun out further with a subtle acid line taking you off into dream-space.The parts dance around and through each other throughout the track, taking the mind to the edge of a trance-state, but the percussion remains sharp, and locked in, keeping you right there on the dance floor until the DJ decides to release the grip.

Overall a very focused, dark and tough release for Teskoba, perfect for the point in the night where the strobes become relentless, and the atmosphere is crackling with electricity.