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December 15, 2008
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Chi-AD – Sight of the Sages: Sorry but for me, Chi-AD has definatley lost it. I don't know if it's me having too high expectations of him (he was one of my favorite artists ever), but something just doesn't sound right with his new stuff. This track has a C12 Ohm feeling to it, and I liked C12 Ohm, but I don't like this one.

California Sunshine – Oblivion funny the first time I listened to this track it instantly reminded me their album Nasha and I was saying that it feels like I'm back in 1998. Well it turns out this was for a reason: this track WAS made in 1998! So this isn't new CS material, just an old unreleased track. Well, I'm part of the ones who believe that good music doesn't come with an expiration date so I welcome the decision of putting an old track in here, especially since it is one of the best tracks here IMO. Although I must admit that I'm slightly dissapointed that this is no new material, I would've liked to listen to what CS had to offer today.

Virtuart & Chronomyst – Zanchin also one of the best tracks here and also for a reason: this is an unreleased track from 1996. There is no doubt here: making oldschool is definatley a lost art *sigh*.

Aerosis – Lunar Effect some dreamy trance but made today and it shows... I like it a bit less but still an enjoyable track IMO.

Artifact303 – Energy Waves tempo picking up here, and as the artist name suggests, there is massive use of 303s. But overall I find this one of the weaker tracks on the albums. I find the overall melody a bit too commercial to my ears. Also when one mentions 303s and names the track "Energy Waves" I'd expect more... Energy to come out of there.

Antares – Aurora Kindof reminds me of Khetzal (in a good way). Very nice track but I was expecting a break followed by a melody change, or at least a key change near the end, which never came... Very good track but it could've been better IMO

Ra – Gateway pretty much the same style as his new album. Nice, but nothing particularly memorable.

Filteria – Back To Earth Filteria making downtempo, I wasn't expecting that lol. Although in practice it sounds like a normal Filteria track with the pitch turned to -8, which kindof reminds me the lost art of playing 45 RPM records on 33 RPMs. Yes, the words "New Beat" come to my mind when listening to this one... I like the way Filteria manages to stay agressive while playing rather slowly. If there was a new generation of new beat (new new beat?), then I bet this is how it would sound like.

The Good: putting unreleased tracks that are 10 years-old or even more on a 2008 comp is a bold move... But I like it. Also the Filteria track is a real stand-out, I'd definatley like to hear more stuff like this.

The Bad: like with most Suntrip material (but not all, notable exceptions being Ka-Sol and Khetzal) there is an absence of memorable melody hooks. Remember the time when you'd go to a party and hear a great melody which would stay in your mind for weeks/ months/ YEARS until you'd randomly stumble on the track again and think "ah THAT'S the track I heard at that party"... Well this just doesn't happen with newschool.

Conclusion: Another excellent effort from Suntrip, I can only applaud their efforts to revive the oldschool spirit and not give into the mainstream sound. Although the fact that the 2 best tracks on this comp are old unreleased tracks makes me realize that in spite everyone's best efforts, something is still missing in the newschool sound compared to what used to be made a decade ago and this makes me kindof sad...