Various ‎– Super Climax Vol. 1

Royal Sperm ‎– RS0012
Cassette, Album, C60


A1 Nighttime Terror Beach Band Squid Shootout 2:00
A2 Pituitary Hunter Super Crudo 3:00
A3 Sex Things Interlude 1:00
A4 Epileptic Maggots Lost Brain Residue 0:30
A5 Epileptic Maggots Sexy Gynecologists Auf Ibiza 0:30
A6 Epileptic Maggots Nu-Skin Pyramid Scheme 0:30
A7 Epileptic Maggots Multi-Unit Algae 0:30
A8 Bueno Eel Factory Live 1998 2:00
A9 Arv & Miljö Mark, Sjö Och Luft 3:30
A10 A. Scavolini Wooden Hydraulics I And II 2:00
A11 Olympic Shit Man Live 1994 4:00
A12 Faceless Beings Pumped Waste Punk 0:30
A13 P.C.P. found tape 3:00
A14 Bob & Cody Untitled 2:00
A15 Overlap Recalibration Interlude 0:10
A16 Arv & Miljö Öppna, Klara Linjer 4:00
A17 Z.B. AIDS Live 2016 3:00
B1 Maiden Taiwan Spacey Techno Gnome Meets Dumpy Gothic Gnome 2:30
B2 Capers (2) Slouch Beast 3:00
B3 Ghost Milkers Rotary Dropout #2 1:00
B4 Sluice Riders Organ Hair / Flesh Roll 2:00
B5 Rolling Head With Adjustable Tongue, John Wiese Cylinder Recorder Diaphragm Backplane 3:00
B6 Capers (2) Oil Of Dog II 4:00
B7 Corpse Cruise Ennervetec Slow Range Ennervator 4:00
B8 Sweepers No Bag 4:00