Various ‎– Super Eurobeat Vol. 180 - Anniversary Non-Stop DJ Selection

Avex Trax ‎– AVCD-10180/B/C
Super Eurobeat – Vol. 180
2 × CD, Compilation, Mixed
DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, Copy Protected

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After Vol.100 Side - Mixed By DJ Boss
CD1-01 Domino (2) Mickey Mouse March (Eurobeat Version) 1:34
CD1-02 Tri-Star Ike Ike 1:47
CD1-03 Dave McLoud* Mikado 1:43
CD1-04 Mako (2) Dancer 1:10
CD1-05 Bazooka Girl Velfarre 2000 1:40
CD1-06 Niko (5) Speedway 1:10
CD1-07 Mega NRG Man I Can Be Your Dee Jay 1:12
CD1-08 Domino (2) Popteen 1:29
CD1-09 Dave Rodgers The Final Countdown 1:09
CD1-10 Dave Rodgers Stay The Night 1:11
CD1-11 Mad Max (4) Dance In The Fire 1:22
CD1-12 Franz "Mad Cow" Tornado* & The Yamanba-Gals Ganguro 1:37
CD1-13 Frank Torpedo Made For Loving You 1:08
CD1-14 Dave Simon Killer 1:08
CD1-15 Atrium Fire Fire Fire 1:22
CD1-16 Dusty Crazy For Love 1:39
CD1-17 Franz Tornado & Bazooka Girl Caballero With Sombrero 1:32
CD1-18 Volta & Gabbana Johnny Go! 1:05
CD1-19 De La Vega Incredible Love 1:07
CD1-20 Mega NRG Man Express Love 1:33
CD1-21 Go Go Girls Hot Vampire 1:36
CD1-22 Happy Hour Give Me Heart & Soul 1:05
CD1-23 Lolita (2) Wanna Be Your Emotion 1:23
CD1-24 Nuage (2) Sunday 1:33
CD1-25 Mickey B. Let The Rain 1:10
CD1-26 Scream Team (2) Horror Fantasy 1:10
CD1-27 Mad Max (4) Dance And Party 1:23
CD1-28 Go 2 Not For Sale 1:32
CD1-29 Ace (3) Fightin' Over Freedom 1:38
CD1-30 Mad Max (4) Tsunami Comes 1:01
CD1-31 Overload (9) Terminator 1:55
CD1-32 Mike J. Touch And Go 1:06
CD1-33 Niko (5) Pilot Is The Hero 1:11
CD1-34 King & Queen Boogie Boogie 1:10
CD1-35 Dave & Nuage Don't Make Me Cry 1:42
CD1-36 Stephy Martini Emotions 1:52
CD1-37 Madison Without You 2:13
CD1-38 Manuel (2) Let's Go, Come On 1:10
CD1-39 Groove Twins Viva The Night 1:06
CD1-40 Valery Scott Now And Forever 1:54
CD1-41 Boogaboo Buga Buga Chew Chew 1:09
CD1-42 Fastway Shock Out 1:06
CD1-43 Go 2 Looka Bomba 1:29
CD1-44 Mark Foster (2) Like A Fire 1:20
CD1-45 Bombers (3) Disco Energy 1:27
CD1-46 Energy Man Bad Bad Bad 1:45
CD1-47 Pretty Woman Cherry Girl 1:33
CD1-48 Fastway Crash Boom Burn Me Up 1:32
CD1-49 Go 2 Power 1:50
CD1-50 Mr. M 180 2:48
Before Vol.100 Side - Mixed By DJ Shu
CD2-01 Karen Nothing's Gonna Take My Love From You 2:34
CD2-02 Annalise Summertime 2:27
CD2-03 Vanessa Hey Hey 1:23
CD2-04 Stop Limit Line Say You Love Me 1:47
CD2-05 The Big Brother Soul Gasoline 1:39
CD2-06 Frank Torpedo Love For Money 1:21
CD2-07 Maio & Co. Dark In The Night 1:16
CD2-08 King & Queen King And Queen 1:24
CD2-09 Jilly (2) Take A Look In My Heart 0:55
CD2-10 Derreck Simons Take It Easy 1:13
CD2-11 Mega NRG Man Fire 1:16
CD2-12 King & Queen He-Hey Dancin' 2:06
CD2-13 Lisa Johnson Doctor Doctor 1:35
CD2-14 Anika (2) Let's Make Love 1:24
CD2-15 Angie Davies Superman 1:39
CD2-16 Chester Bang Bang For Your Love 1:30
CD2-17 Love & Pride Shotgun Killer 1:09
CD2-18 Linda Ross Love Is Danger 1:21
CD2-19 Valentina Harmony 1:27
CD2-20 Domino (2) Domino Dancing 1:10
CD2-21 Virginelle Don't You Love Me 1:25
CD2-22 Margaret Mine Is Your Love 1:30
CD2-23 Anika (2) You're My Life 1:19
CD1-24 Linda Ross I Got To Feel Your Love 1:25
CD1-25 Domino (2) Tora Tora Tora 1:26
CD1-26 Virginelle Like A Virgin 2:05
CD2-27 Helena Lonely Night 1:24
CD2-28 Gino Caria Nobody Knows 1:13
CD2-29 King & Queen Para Para 1:08
CD2-30 Marko Polo Money Go! 1:23
CD2-31 DJ NRG Go Go 1:44
CD2-32 Cherry (2) Round N' Round 1:24
CD2-33 Delta Queens My Bandido 1:19
CD2-34 Dr. Money Power Gun 1:25
CD2-35 Jee Bee Wings Of Fire 1:46
CD2-36 Nathalie* Heartbeat 2:01
CD2-37 D-Essex* Tokyo Tokyo 1:16
CD2-38 Mega NRG Man Take Me Back To Tokyo 1:16
CD2-39 Dusty Stay The Night 1:45
CD2-40 Leslie Parrish Save Me 1:33
CD2-41 Cherry (2) Yesterday 1:17
CD2-42 Domino (2) I Wanna Dance 1:23
CD2-43 Susan Bell My Only Star 1:04
CD2-44 Princess F. Shadows In The Night 1:39
CD2-45 Joe Banana Dum Dum Pistol 1:05
CD2-46 Dave Simon I Need Your Love 1:19
CD2-47 Max Coveri Running In The 90's 1:20
CD2-48 Niko (5) Electric Power 1:17
CD2-49 Niko (5) Night Of Fire 1:33
CD2-50 Fastway Number One 1:28
Special DVD ParaPara Super Hits Selection
DVD-1 Nikita Jr. Dancing In The Jungle 2:09
DVD-2 King & Queen He-Hey Dancin' 1:34
DVD-3 Dolly Secret Passion 1:33
DVD-4 Mega NRG Man Flame On The Fire 1:38
DVD-5 D.Essex* Burning Love 1:37
DVD-6 Cindy (2) Sex On The Beach 1:54
DVD-7 Alexis (2) Sugar Baby 1:19
DVD-8 Virginelle Like A Virgin 1:38
DVD-9 Dave Rodgers Milan Milan Milan 1:24
DVD-10 Atrium Supersonic Fire 1:48
DVD-11 Ken Matsudaira MatsuKen ParaPara ~Oresama Game~ (Super Euro Mix)
Producer [Additional] – Stefano CastagnaRemix – Stefano Castagna



Thanks to... Art Mission (Chuuka-Guy), Mayumi Tokairin, Atsuko Endo, Yuko Kawahara, Tomo-O Ishizawa, Satoko @ Yamachan.

Special thanx to... Mitsugu Matsumoto, Yoshikazu "DJ Gun" Iwamoto (Gaaan), Seiji "Honmax" Honma, Ryo Shirasawa, Kayoko Ono, Tadahiro Watanabe... and all eurobeat DJ's.