Various ‎– Testen Sie Mal II (Ein Vertriebs-Cassetten-Überblick)

Graf Haufen Tapes ‎– none
Cassette, Compilation, Sampler, C60


A1 System (23) Untitled
A2 Konsumterror (2) Untitled
A3 Andi Arroganti Untitled
A4 Gorilla Aktiv Untitled
A5 Hervé & Kilowatt Untitled
A6 Unbekannt (3) Untitled
A7 Katlewskit* Angst
A8 Tod Durch Müsli Tanz Um Das Atom
A9 P4 (2) No Future
A10 Synthenphall Untitled
A11 Deutsche Im Exil Untitled
A12 Comix* Untitled
A13 Z.S.K.A. Untitled
A14 Rainer S. (2) Untitled
A15 Underdogs (5) Untitled
A16 Klopferbande* Untitled
A17 Y-Ton B-Ton Untitled
A18 Klangwerkstatt Untitled
A19 Gefrorene Tränen Untitled
A20 Krank Xerox Untitled
A21 Wohnblock D Untitled
A22 Splitter (3) Untitled
A23 Las Astillas Untitled
A24 Konsumterror (2) Untitled
A25 Die Klopferbande Die Fliegen
B1 Der Kohlenklau Untitled
B2 E 601* Untitled
B3 Blood & Flowers Untitled
B4 UKW (3) Untitled
B5 Tanks (3) Untitled
B6 Duotronic Synterror Untitled
B7 Hochtief Untitled
B8 Projekt Deutscher Herold Untitled
B9 No More Untitled
B10 No More Untitled
B11 Pseudoelektronixx* Untitled
B12 Fun Funeral Untitled
B13 R.A.F. Gier* Untitled
B14 Pension Stammheim Untitled
B15 J.A.R. Untitled
B16 J.A.R. Untitled
B17 Splitter (3) Untitled
B18 Anlieger Frei Untitled
B19 Standart Of Living* Untitled
B20 Treibgas Untitled
B21 Der Zufall (2) Untitled
B22 Gashahn Auf! Untitled
B23 Heimarbeit* Untitled
B24 The 08/15 Untitled
B25 Moss Prod., Horst Toe & Die Virginias Untitled
B26 Flakhelfer Untitled
B27 Neue Krankenscheine Untitled
B28 Rudolphs Rache* Untitled
B29 Prügelknaben (2) Untitled

Companies, etc.



This tape features clips from 40 tape releases that where then distributed by Graf Haufen Tapes and served as an audio catalog of sorts.
Came with an 8 page A5 sized booklet with info about the contents.