Various ‎– Testes-3 Broadcast Tapes

Widemouth Tapes ‎– #s1-48


A1 Intro
A2 1st Segment Of Responses Chosen 4 Playbak
A3 Simulated Intro
A4 Ur Call Did Not Go Thru
A5 Give Us Ur Life Story
A6 Double: Life Stories 1 & 24/2 Telephone Alley Party Announcement
A7 Life Stories 2
A8 Function Generator
A9 Gigantor & T He Altered Speed Blaybax
A10 When U Wish Upon A Star
A11 Function Generator 2 - Beep Only
A12 T He 1st 30 Laughs
A13 Birthday Present 4 Albert Einstein & T He International Dateman
A14 Life Stories 3
A15 I Like Teste3 'Cause
A16 Sousa
A17 Pseudo-Suicidal Despair
A18 Joke Day Announcement
A19 Double: Joke Day Announcement & Kid's Conversation
A20 Sousa/BB
A21 Yes, Yes I M Here
A22 Marie Frank Called X Mistake
A23 Double: Marie Frank Called X Mistake & Scary Sound
A24 Amirkhanianslonimsky: Let's Do Something New
B1 Birthday Tape 2
B2 Disgust & Mockery -> Imitation -> Instructions Request
B3 Marie Frank Called X Mistake 3
B4 Terrible Food
B5 Person Xplaining Testes-3
B6 Dial Tone, Dialing, Ringing, Operator
B7 No-oh, Go Away - Vit
B8 1st 31 Questions
B9 Garbled Put Me On
B10 Put Me On, Kiss Ass, Bubble, Cough, Hang-up
B11 Identification & Mobility Mapping
B12 Identification & Mobility Mapping 2
B13 Identification & Mobility Mapping 3
B14 Identification & Mobility Mapping 4
B15 If U'd Like 2 B Interviewed
B16 T He Next 17 Laughs
B17 Irate Answerer April Fools Tape
B18 I M/We R
B19 Semi-Haphazard Ste3-V Squer-G Tribute Serial Part 1
B20 Fred Flintstone Goes 2 Gilligan's Island & Phones Testes-3
B21 Samuel Chapman Doesn't Care Who Has A Warrant
B22 Semi-Haphazard Ste3-V Squer-G Tribute Serial Part 2
B23 I Knew T Ha T Was Gonna B U
B24 Collective Musical Conscious


The Testes 3 Broadcast Tapes were a series of 4. This is the first.