Various ‎– Texacore

Ear Candy (4) ‎– none
Cassette, Album, Compilation


A1 Punk Flamingos Fascist Car
A2 Punk Flamingos Poser
A3 Punk Flamingos Shut The Fuck Up
A4 Punk Flamingos I Like Lesbians
A5 Prenatal Lust Bitch, Bitch, Bitch
A6 Prenatal Lust Nightmare
A7 Prenatal Lust Bad Taste
A8 Prenatal Lust Entertainment Tonight
A9 Prenatal Lust Death Culture
A10 Prenatal Lust Speeding Ticket
A11 Prenatal Lust Toy
A12 Billy Bob Faggots Join The Army
A13 Billy Bob Faggots Spider
A14 Billy Bob Faggots Just Another One
A15 Fearless Iranians From Hell Intro
A16 Fearless Iranians From Hell Iranians On Bikes
A17 Fearless Iranians From Hell Foolish Americans
A18 Fearless Iranians From Hell Simple Life
A19 Fearless Iranians From Hell Burn The Books
B1 Toejam A.B.C.
B2 Toejam Crevice Worship
B3 Toejam This Whole World's Gone To Shit
B4 Toejam Toejam
B5 Hot Buttered Blues Trio Hot Mama
B6 Lost in Space (3) Millions Of Dead Spocks
B7 Raging Woodies CH. 35
B8 Raging Woodies Du-Uh
B9 Raging Woodies We Came To Destroy
B10 Raging Woodies I Dream Of Genie
B11 Raging Woodies Nothing Says I Love You Like A Raging Woodie


Compiled by Chauncey for Ear Candy Independent Recordings
Fearless Iranians From Hell recorded live, no venue or date given