Various ‎– That's Punk Optimist Sailing Team

That's Punk ‎– PUNK 002
CDr, Compilation


1 Phasma Phasmatis The Prostitute Brought Me Flowers
2 Sealings Panadol
3 Teens (2) Sun
4 Trampoline Dreamers Howl // Two Dollar Mascara
5 Built Nest Sleep Tell Me How To Do The Way You Want Me To
6 Lizards Have Personalities Un Coup De Des Jamis N'abolira Le Hasard
7 Guidelines Vanquish
8 Nightmares (5) Hipster Thrash
9 Nightmares (5) Toothless
10 Isaïe Buried Memorial Burn Kibboutz Burn
11 Isaïe Buried Memorial Le Syndrome De Peter Pan
12 Mamma, Jeg Blor... My Eyes Can't Cry Anymore Beacause They Are All Out Of Liquid
13 Mamma, Jeg Blor... True Love
14 The Whoopass Girls Memorial
15 Beau Navire Sanctus Locus
16 Emo Summer Lota
17 Emo Summer Tuna Can
18 Emo Summer Man Sitting In Chair, Staring At A Cube
19 El Spectre The Shiney
20 El Spectre Tides
21 Indietrash Asshole
22 Indietrash Pc Medley
23 A Shadow Of A Doubt The Rivers Will Flow On Without Us
24 Reaching Away No Hope For Healing
25 Don Quichote Valerie
26 I wrote haikus about cannibalism in your yearbook Untitled
27 Mapadelmundo Это Не Сон! Всё Отлично! Все Наконец-то Умерли!
28 Adoor Toetag Time In Teenville
29 Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson Zimbabwe Optimist Sailing Team


50x CD-R in high quality 120g origami covers with inserts.
25x "light side" version and 25x "dark side" version.
four test presses were made. two of each versions.

this compilation was made to find out if anyone actually
cared about that's punk at all, and also to get the bands
out there. thank you all for being a part of this release.
I hope someone cares